Concert Tour 2001

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Stuart's Report

  • I just got back from a weekend in Japan, where I went to see Koji in concert on 4/14. I had 12th row center seats so I was clearly able to see Koji's expressions as he sang. Here are some random thoughts...

  • Yuji Tanaka and Haruyoshi Rokudo were not part of the band, although Yutaka Takezawa and Wataru Yahagi were, along with usual bandmates Satoko Ando and Carlos Kanno. Nobuyuki Takahashi played drums and Noriyuki Takahashi played bass guitar.

  • The song list was pretty much as Carmen described in a previous e-mail, with the exception of "Taiyo-san" being played later in the set and "Kokontouzai" replacing "Melody."

  • There were absolutely no breaks in the concert. Koji went straight through the set without saying a word. The only time he spoke was to introduce the band before the encore. (I was a little disappointed with the lack of audience interaction. In the videos, he's always talking to the audience, running around and generally appearing as though he's having a good time. He was very business-like and had a no-nonsense approach.

  • As per DVD's e-mail, CDs and videos were on sale at the concert hall. There were also posters, but they weren't for sale. You had to purchase a CD or video to get a poster.

  • At Kanagawa Kenmin Hall, there were 3 T-shirts available. A grey one with the picture from the CD cover on the front and a picture of a spade and the words Koji Tamaki Concert Tour 2001 on the back. There's also a blue T-shirt with the spade and Koji Tamaki Concert Tour 2001 written in white on the left chest. There's also a brown T-shirt with the spade and Koji Tamaki Concert Tour 2001 written in black with white border on the front. (Price 3,000 yen)

  • 2 types of cell phone straps were available, in black leather and tan leather. (1,800 yen, I think)

  • A silver keychain with Koji Tamaki on one side and a spade on the other. (price 800 yen)

  • A 28 page color booklet (3,500 yen)

  • That's about all I have for now. If I think of any else, I'll post it.


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