Anzenchitai Concert Tour 2002

  • 41 concerts were held throughout Japan, beginning in Kanagawa Prefecture on September 5, 2002. Terry Mihashi of Seattle participated in 4 concerts in Tokyo!

    Terry MihashiNov. 16, 17, 19, 20, 2002
    Tokyo - Kousai Nenkin Kaikan

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    Part 1

    My seats were all in the first 20 rows, so I had a good view. The ultimate was on Nov 19, where we were in row 1, dead center. Didn't take too many notes and most of the scribbles I've written are no longer legible, so I'm working off my memory, so other folks who went to the concerts, help me out! ;-)

    They came onto the stage from left, they take the instruments, and Koji strums a chord or two to check the tuning, and starts the count, "One, two, three!"

    1. Start line
    Since the lyrics contain phrases such as "we can become new again", from the lyrics, a lot of my friends guessed that this song will be played first, and they were right. This song was the first song played during this tour. A lot of people are already standing. Koji is at the center, flanked by Wataru Yahagi to the left playing Les Paul style guitar, behind him is Satoko Andoh playing keyboards. In the back is Yuji Tanaka on drums. To the right is Haruyoshi Rokudo playing bass, behind him is Carlos Kanno on percussions. Same layout as Stuart reports.

    At any rate, I would say this song definitely was a perfect fit for the beginning of "new Anzenchitai".

    2. Do-dai
    Immediately after "Start line", they move onto this song. This was a surprise. I didn't expect to be able to listen to Anzenchitai V songs (except really famous ones like "Sukisa" and "Natsu no Owari no Harmony", so being able to hear this live was a thrill. I see a lot of people raising their arms in unison with "do-dai"....similar to what you see in "Anzenchitai LiVe" video.

    3. We're Alive
    Koji starts out the strumming and Satoko and Haruyoshi join in. He yells, "Ore no koe wa todoite iruka----?!" (Can you all hear me?) and everybody responds. Between verses, Haruyoshi plays bass phrase that stands out. This concert was especially neat because I was able to notice quite a lot of notes Haruyoshi was playing. Satoko plays the organ-type of sounds.

    "Good evening, we're Anzenchitai," Koji says. Crowd responds.
    "We're really happy that after 10 years we can perform again as Anzenchitai."
    "We're all excited as well, so please enjoy the show."

    4. Tooi Mukashi
    Wataru plays the guitar part, and he seems to be playing a really clean sound...maybe just compressor and that's about it -- maybe a little delay. Maybe other guitar freaks like Anthony can give us more pointers. :-) "Sore de ii hazu sa"....and I think on the 3rd day (Nov 19), some people started to clap.... Ooh.....we still have Coda section to go! It was like clapping between movements in classical music. ;-) Anzenchitai continued playing and people stopped clapping.

    5. Nanimo Nai Umi E
    Koji starts out by playing the intro. I think this is the song where we finally sat down. ;-) In the refrain, Yuji plays the drums, and to be honest, I didn't notice his drums that much until I heard him play the drums part in the refrain. He seems to be using rods instead of sticks. This song is the first song I started to notice that they are not singing the chorus that much (first four songs are OK). The lighting was awesome this tour. During this song, it's fairly dark, but light blue lights shining down. Really good work by the lighting crew.

    6. Nininshou
    I wasn't particularly keen on this song until then, but after seeing Yuji play the drums on this song, I'm more interested in it. I went home and tried it out, and it's really interesting drum part. The ending was rather abrupt (in a good way), with piano and electric guitar playing the phrase in unison.

    7. Hansei
    Koji plays D9 chord several times in an arpeggio and starts out. I heard a lot of people whisper "stew, stew". Yup, this song is now on Japanese TV, being used in a commercial for House Foods corporation's stew, appropriately named as "Hokkaido Stew". If any of you have access to Japanese foods store, look for it! :-) The first full day in Japan, I got to see the commercial. It was great to hear Anzenchitai music on TV.

    Wataru is playing the acoustic guitar as well, sitting down. This song was just cut into a single CD recently. The song sounded a little quick, but maybe it was just me. On Nov 16, the first four songs were really really fast! For solo, Wataru plays the pianica...which is like a simple keyboard instrument, but there is a tube you blow into it and that produces the sound. It was kinda funny to see him play, because I often would see pianicas in elementary schools...not really in a professional musicians' performance.

    8. Yume no Miyako
    First, Koji is the only person playing. Then, Wataru joins in. Pretty close to the original version.

    9. Koi no Yokan
    I was totally focusing on Haruyoshi's bass for most of the time. It looked like he was playing some triplets along the way, and that sounded really good. At the ending, Wataru was using the pedal effectively to have the sound volume come and go. Then he immediately pressed on another pedal and played the intro phrase, to end the song.

    10. Deai
    Satoko starts out by playing a beautiful piano phrase. Kinda reminded me of how she used to introduce "To me". Too bad I don't have enough brain cells to remember exactly how she played was so good that I would love to put that into music sheet and play it....please, Mr. Sony, come out with a video for this tour, pleeeeeeeeeeeeze. This song is rather special to me, because since living in the US, I never thought I would be able to listen to Anzenchitai live, and guess what, there I was. This was the first "Anzenchitai X" song I listened to (when I acquired "Deai" single CD). Yuji softly plays the cymbals with rods and Carols joins in by helping him out, playing the reverse cymbal. I really like the expression I saw on Yuji's face.

    11. Natsu no Owari no Harmony
    Wataru starts out the guitar phrase and Satoko joins in. Satoko starts out by playing the piano, but then I think I heard some strings in the refrain part....I wonder how she managed to do that. Maybe left hand played the chords on strings, and the right hand played the pianos...or maybe she just moved back and forth....dunno.

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    Written by Terry Mihashi
    Organized by Kelvin Tsang
    Last update: January 14, 2003
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