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Nov 17

Sorry that I wasn't able to update this website as often as I want to. I became a father on Sunday, April 10 this year. Clement Karol was born in 7lbs 10oz. We are all very excited about this.

New LIVE album - Anzenchitai VI - Tsuki ni Nureta Futari
Please click here(C)(J) for more info. This is similar to the Anzen-Chitai Documentary - I LOVE YOU kara Hajimeyou(C)(J) , also taken from the Anzenchitai VI concert but this is a 2-audio CD set and it features a complete LIVE concert.

New LIVE album - LIVE!! "Kyou toiu Kono Hi o Ikiteikou" (Tamaki Koji)
Please click here(J) for more info.

New singles - Itsumo Dokokade & Present (Tamaki Koji)
Please click here(J) for more info. Both are theme songs of TV drama. Tamaki also starred in one of them too.

New official Tamaki Koji website - Click here.

Dec 24

After 3 years, Tamaki Koji decided to work on his solo music career again.....

New single - Aisaretai Dakesa (Tamaki Koji)
Please click here(J)for more info. Cover picture of this single was photographed in Beijing, China.

New album - Kyou toiu Kono Hi o Ikiteikou (Tamaki Koji)
Please click here(J)for more info. Limited version contains both audio CD and DVD with video clipping of single song "Aisaretai Dakesa". MTV was filmed in Beijing, China.

Concert Tour 2005
Please click here for more info.

Oct 26

New album - Anzenchitai X
Please click here(C)for more info.

Aug 31

1. Anzenchitai Official Website
Sony Japan created an official website for Anzenchitai. URL is http://www.anzenchitai.com/. Right now the web site is identical to the Anzenchitai site within Sony Japan but at least it's a good start to have its own domain name...easier to remember and access.

2. More information on the new single
Please click here(C)(J) for more info.
Glico Almond Chocolate and Macadamia Chocolate web site. Video
Sample Songs(C).

3. New album - to be released in October
Anzenchitai X - Amenochi Hare

Aug 17


1. Anzenchitai 2003 Concert Tour Schedule
Click here for the concert schedule.

2. Chinese Translation of songs
Deai and Ikanaide. Courtesy of Carman Chu & Jimmy Chang.

3. New single - to be released in September 18
Amenochi Hare
c/w: Chocolat (CM song of Glico Almond Chocolate and Macadamia Chocolate)
Courtesy of Stuart.

Apr 15

Tamaki Koji new compilation album

A new compilation album will be released on May 21, 2003, and this time a collection of Koji's songs from album Grand Love to Spade. Clickhere(J)for more information.

Jan 14

Many updates and news

There are only 2 things I can say: busy and lazy...! :P I haven't made a major update on the web site for 8 months!!

New album and concert tour
We are glad to tell you that Anzenchitai has indeed rebirthed! A new single (Deai) and album (Anzenchitai IX) were released during the summer of 2002. (I haven't updated the discography page yet but you can find out more information on these single/album in Sample Songs(C).

Terry Mihashi attend the Tokyo concerts in November 2002, and he is very kind to write a detail concert report to share with us.

May 18

Many updates and news

Finally got some time to update the web pages in this first long weekend holiday in Canada! Here are some updates and great news!

1. Rebirth of Anzenchitai!
This is for real, finally!! It was announced last year in STAR Volume 22, Koji Tamaki official member's club book. Anzenchitai will release new single/album and later announce a tour in Japan this year, commemorating its 20th debut anniversary (1982). All five original members and also arranger Katz Hoshi and lyrist Goro Matsui will join force in this new task. Recording of new songs had begun since October 6, 2001 but unfortunately new single won't be available until later this summer because Yutaka Takezawa (guitarist) was involved in another car accident. By now he is almost recovered and we have just received news of the upcoming new single:

Anzen Chitai - Deai
SRCL-5365 (Sony Music)
Date of Release: July 10, 2002

2. Another compilation album
In the mean time Kitty Records released yet another compilation album:

Goro Matsui & Koji Tamaki Ballad Collection - Only You(C)(J)
UMCK-1112/3 (Kitty MME)
Date of Release: May 29, 2002
Y3,059 (2-CD set)

3. Concert Report - Koji Tamaki Acoustic Special Night
Anthony Chan of Hong Kong attended two of the 38 concerts held earlier this year. Here is his report.

4. Prussian Blue no Shouzou - the movie on DVD
This movie starring Koji Tamaki is now available on DVD(C)(J).
PCBA-50058 (PonyCanyon)
Date of Release: December 5, 2001

5. Wine-red no Kokoro in Portugese!!
Sheldon Chin and Anthony Chan of Hong Kong found out a Portugese cover version of Wine-red no Kokoro!!!

CD Name: Caminhos Cruzados
Name of Song: Uma Noite (An Evening)
Artist: Angelita Li featuring Hans Ulrik Group
Catalogue No.: STUCD 01182
Date of Release: April 2002

Here is more information on the record label's web page

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