Concert Tour 2002 - Koji Tamaki Acoustic Special Night

  • 38 concerts were held throughout Japan, beginning in Osaka on January 4, 2002. Anthony Chan of Hong Kong participated in 2 of the concerts

    Anthony ChanFeb. 1-2, 2002
    Tokyo - International Forum

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    Part 1

  • The shows that I attended were on the 1st and 2nd of February (wow, that long ago?!) in Tokyo. Since the setlist and the performance were (more or less) the same, I will go on without naming a specific night, unless it is necessary.

  • As most of you are aware, Tamaki et al. performed twelve shows in Tokyo for this particular tour (between 28th January and 11th February). I would have loved to go to the last couple of shows but due to my schedule, I had to settle for the dates that I attended.

  • The concert hall Theatre Cocoon is situated in the Shibuya area, in a place called Bunkamura. It is a small venue which has a capacity of about 1000. It is possible to go to the Bunkamura from the Shibuya station on foot. The walk is about 15 minutes.

  • At the hall's foyer, there was a souvenir stall which was selling the souvenir for this tour. Once inside, due to the size of the hall, it was relatively easy for me to find my seat, although there were ushers who would be happy to lead you in case you were lost.

  • My seat for both nights were in the eleventh row on either the right coloumn (1st February) or the left column (2nd February). The full stage can be viewed from my vantage on both nights with no obstructions.

  • I have heard that Takezawa, Tanaka and Goro Matsui had attended various shows of this tour, but I did not see any of them on the nights I went. However, on the first night, I saw Katz Hoshi in the audience. In fact, he was seated about six seats next to me in the same row, but in the centre column. He must have been wondering why this dude a few seats next kept giving him the double take before and after the show. Haha!

  • Both night's concert started promptly as scheduled. As usual, Tamaki took the centre stage with Satoko Ando was on his immediate right (stage left), while Yahagi and Rokudo were on the other side. All of them dressed casually. Of course, Tamaki had his shades on as usual.

  • Since Terry (welcome back!) has already posted the setlist, I am not going to repeat it. With the exception of "Kanashimi Ni Sayonara", all other songs were performed in identical order at the shows I attended.

  • Next up: Part Two: The Players. Stay tuned.


    [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

    Written by Anthony Chan
    Organized by Kelvin Tsang
    Last update: May 18, 2002
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