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20. (J)Anzenchitai & Koji Tamaki singles sales rating, organized by Yamachan

19. (J)T. Doi's Anzenchitai's Corner

18. (J)Te-tsu's Junk Page.

17. (J)Yamaguchi Tomoko's Anzenchitai / Koji Tamaki page.

16. (J)Anzen Chitai BBS and Instant Chatroom by T T & T/T's

15. (J)Anzen Chitai / Koji Tamaki page from Kosic

14. (J)A short description on Koji's LIVE with other Anzen Chitai members on April 22, 1996 in "We Love Music, We Love the Earth '96" concert by Music Treasure.

13. (J)Nakamura Akira's Anzen Chitai/Koji Tamaki page

12. (J)Anzen Chitai/Tamaki Koji Real Audio page from Kakinuma

11. (J)Anzen Chitai page from Nahata Ryuji

10. (E)Anzen Chitai from Geocities JPOP Database

9. (J)Kyoiku '97 - Oyaji no Senaka - A little sharing from Tamaki Koji

8. (J)Futonya' Hama's AnZenchitai/Koji Tamaki page

7. (J)Karinto Factory Inc. Home Page!!

6. (E)Toshiyasu Kori's Anzen Chitai and Tamaki Koji page.

5. (J)Noguchi Norimasa's Tamaki Koji & Anzen Chitai page

4. (J)Hashimoto Yoshiteru's Anzen Chitai from METAL HEADQUATERS.

3. (J)Miyasaka's Anzen Chitai homepage

2. (E)A profile on Yutaka Takezawa, the guitarist of Anzen Chitai. He joined with Koji Tamaki to form Anzen Chitai 20 years ago.

1. (E)Bonsai Japanese Pop Music (JPOP) Pages


(E)A Anzenchitai / Koji Tamaki website from Bang Hyunju, a fan of Koji music in Korea.


(E)CD 'Wine Red no Kokoro' review from Kee Hoe.


(E)Andy To's AnzenChitai (currently unavailable), maintained by Andy To.
Now Andy and I have compiled a list of songs from Anzenchitai that are used and translated in the Hong Kong music industry. So far we have found 40 Cantonese & Mandarin songs that are originated from Anzenchitai and Koji Tamaki solo works. Click here for more info. This page requires Chinese BIG-5 codes.

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Last Update: March 21, 2001

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