The medium of influencing of subconscious mind


The method Hill recommends you use to use to plant the right seeds in your subconscious mind are with what he called “auto-suggestion.” This is a method where a person either chooses to feed his or her subconscious mind with creative thoughts, or thoughts of a destructive nature. Of course, your goal is to replace all thoughts of a destructive nature with positive thoughts.


“Man may become the master of himself, and of his environment, because he has the POWER TO INFLUENCE HIS OWN SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, and through it, gain the cooperation of Infinite Intelligence.” Hill is saying that by learning to influence our subconscious mind we can actually tap into a higher power to help us achieve our goals.


              “Your ability to use the principle of auto-suggestion will depend, very largely, upon your capacity to CONCENTRATE upon a given DESIRE until that desire becomes a BURNING OBSESSION.” All the exercises in the book tie together so if you honestly apply yourself in them you’ll develop faith, which will lead to that burning desire. That’s when nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

“DO NOT WAIT for a definite plan, through which you intend to exchange services or merchandise in return for the money you are visualizing, but begin at once to see yourself in possession of the money, DEMANDING and EXPECTING meanwhile, that your subconscious mind will hand over the plan, or plans you need. Be on the alert for these plans, and when they appear, put them into ACTION IMMEDIATELY. When the plans appear, they will probably "flash" into your mind through the sixth sense, in the form of an "inspiration." This inspiration may be considered a direct "telegram," or message from Infinite Intelligence. Treat it with respect, and act upon it as soon as you receive it. Failure to do this will be FATAL to your SUCCESS.” Napoleon Hill


           Personal reflection


             Subconscious mind is just very important because if we keep dwelling in              the same level of thinking and without trying to be more creative, we              won’t be able to achieve our goal. We won’t get the most outstanding              achievement in our lives and our lives will always be monotonous all the              time.