Network: ABC Daytime

Premiered: 2/6/67

Final Show: 12/29/67

Packager: Jerome Schnur Productions in association with ABC

Host: Lloyd Thaxton

Announcers: Charlie O'Donnell, Wink Martindale

Executive Producer: Jerome Schnur

Producer: Bill Chastain, Jorn Winther

Director: Jorn Winther

Set Designer: Henry Lickel

Music: Score Productions

Origination: Studio D, ABC Television Center, Los Angeles

Format: Three contestants competed for cash by trying to guess words describing a person, place or thing after watching film clips of "people on the street".

When the clip began to be shown, a clock starting at 100 seconds began to countdown as the film rolled. The clock and film froze when one contestant buzzed in with a guess, then the film continued, giving the other two players a chance to guess assuming the first player was wrong.

After the film was completed, the player who had the correct answer won points matching the leftover time on the clock. (Example: If the clock stopped at 60, the winning players earned 60 points)

The first player to reach 100 points or more won the game, the point value was converted to dollars, and a bonus round was played similar to the regular game.

The champion would earn three times the point value in dollars if his guess was correct, meaning a potential $300 could be won in the bonus round.

Several weeks into the run, the in studio contestants were replaced by celebrities, who played for viewers at home. Prizes were awarded to the home viewer whose celebrity representing him won the game.


While this show marked the first announcing job for Charlie O'Donnell, it also featured Wink Martndale as well.

Watkins-Strathmore produced a home version in 1967.

Lloyd Thaxton would later produce "Fight Back!" in the 1980's

Everybody's Talking would return in 1973 as Hollywood's Talking.

The main theme song, by Score Productions, was later used in the early episodes of Goodson/Todman's He Said, She Said.