Network: CBS Daytime

Premiered: 3/26/73

Final Show: 6/22/73

Time Slot: 3:30PM EST

Packager: Jack Barry Productions

Host: Geoff Edwards

Announcers: Johnny Jacobs

Executive Producer: Richard Kline

Producer: Ken Johnson

Director: Ken Johnson

Set Designer: Don Roberts

Music: Hal Hidey

Origination: Studio 31, CBS Television City Hollywood

Format: Similar to Everybody's Talking, three contestants competed for cash by trying to guess words describing a person, place or thing after watching film clips of "people on the street", this time being celebrities.

The dollar value for a right answer began at $150, then decreased after a third of the film was shown to $100, then $50 for the last third.

First player who reached $250 or more became the champion and played a bonus round that gave him a chance to add more money to his winnings.


This game show marked Geoff Edward's debut as a game show host.

Match Game '73 replaced Hollywood's Talking.

The main theme song was later used in another Barry & Enright Production, the syndicated Hollywood Connection.