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27 : 01 : 04 // BoA & Gum
Been working on and planning some projects last week and this week. I finished working on a model kit for Block Baby. I had the urge to create an kit after buying a bunch of gundam kits. I requires no glue at all. The user just needs to cut out the parts then fold and put things into A and B. Wha lah they have their own little Block Baby. I might post some photos later of Block Baby

Today I picked up the latest cd by BoA. Pop music is more tolerable in another language then in english. It came with a bonus DVD with some music videos and a bunch of her commercials. Today also I picked up the first issue of Gum. I was pretty much an impulse buy. A pricey impulse buy but it was fricking awsome. I think it came out in 2002 and it had a peice of gum that came with it. I dunno if it was gum from 2002 or some fresh gum. Ah well im not dead or seriously ill yet so yeah we will find out soon.

I think I will delete this blog or make a propper site heh. No one is reading this junk any how. Mmmm brain fart.

19 : 01 : 04 // Video without the camera
Today I was going to make a flash video using some digital video. For a random idea I had for an Ayumi Hamasaki song. But the camera is being fixed because it is fudged up. I ended up taking photos of what I wanted to film. It just didn't work out at all. I originally picked Voyage but I decided to use parts of Memorial Address (Take 2 Version). On Saturday night I went to see Asian Dub Foundation play live music to the french cult classic La Haine. There is a link to the review in the obvious section of the menu. More of a babbling about the music.

Hrmm I am officially doing 3rd year of Billy Blue. I already want the year to end and the same time want it to start. Only a couple more weeks twiddling my thumns and working on my own projects. I have way to many projects going at once.

15 : 01 : 04 // What are you ******* babbling about?
For some reason I felt an urge to create a blog. I haven't had a blog in ages. Well Live Journal doesn't count. But yeah any how I thought i'd make use of this webspace. I think I have a new addiction along with Jim Mahfood and Chynna Clugston-Major Comics. Gundam Model Kits i've already bought two kits in two days blasted hobbyco selling those dammed kits.

I have always enjoyed putting things together and makings. I guess that my main reason for buying the Gundam Kits. Now my sister thinks I have a bit of an Japanese / Asian fetish since I started to listen to Ayumi Hamasaki and just completed my Cowboy Bepop Collection which she has been subjected to durring this month.

The otherday I picked up a Hong Kong VCD of Ken Park which is Larry Clark's latest movie which was banned in Australia earlier last year. I will be posting a review soon.

Check out my current juke box to the right that features Ayumi Hamasaki.