The British Armed Forces

Being British I naturally know that we have the worlds finest Army, Navy and Airforce. they might be a lot smaller today than the used to be and too small for the job they have todo, but person for person they are the best in the world.
These pages will eventually I hope be a tribute to them, but in the mean time I intend to list the units of them, and hopefully also the equipment. All the informaton on these pages is public domain, and I have no access to classified material. So anything that shouldn't be up there is purely by accident or from my deranged imagination :-). I will try to list sources but if there any mistakes or if anyone thinks they can help let me know my address is on the main index page.

It is taking me longer than expectd to convert my files to HTML, here are the first few about the Royal Navy.
Many thanks to Mr Topping, and if you want to see the definitive fleets lists I reccommend his site Hazegray and Underway . Also most of the other information can be found in the British Warships and Auxiliaries book published Annually in the UK by Maritime books.

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