Hi, I have really no Idea what I am doing. So don't expect to much from any of my Pages. . If we get to know each other I might send you the address for my full site. I hope to have most of my "proper site" up here as well and maybe some other things as well that I wouldn't include on the address I give out to friends and relatives.

I am attempting to increase the site as well as learn to code HTML, I am doing all of my site by hand with some help from FrontPage. Yes I am as surprised as you but FrontPage 2000/2003 isn't too bad now that M$ have rewritten it so it doesn't insert useless crap. If you have any suggestions please drop me a line.
All my pages are tested on IE7 and Firefox 1.5.1. I have moved away from IE and fallen in love with Firefox. I suggest you give it a try.

Click here to see what's new on my site.
Click here if you are interested enough to want to see a picture of me.

And here are some Naturism pages  I am working on.

I have just created a Forum anyone who is interested drop by.

I am a member of the Acorn Users Group RC5 Code cracking Team. Click Here to go to Distributed.net who are running the RC5 Challenge, or Click here to go to The Acorn User RC5 Homepage

I am very much into Militaria, so here are some pages about the British Armed forces

If you have any advice or hints please send mailto:jacord2000@hotmail.com

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