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I hope to turn this in to my own little site about Naturism, a brief Naturist history of myself, and some information about the beaches I have been to.

I am also a "Secret" Naturist, secret in that I haven't told my family. I spent several wonderful afternoons on the Naturist beach at Studland in Dorset in 2000, In 2001 I went to Leysdown beach on the isle of Sheppey in Kent. In 2002 I have been back to Leysdown a few times and also to St Osyth's near Clacton. Last Year, I went back to Leysdown and also tried our Shoreham for the first time. If you have never tried naturism it's something I would definitely recommend. I went back to Studland this year and spent two days there during my summer holiday, I also managed to have a look at Normans Bay

Here is a link to The Naturist UK Fact File. The best site for people who are interested in Naturism in the UK.
Last year I joined British Naturism the main Naturist organisation in the UK, its good place to look for information on Clubs, and organised Naturism in the UK,

I would also recommend people to have a look at Cats site, a great site and message board for anyone interested in naturism. 
I kind of ended up running the IRC Chat room for the website, we try to have a friendly chat every Sunday from 8pm UK time, but the room is open all the time, so drop in for a chat.
If your into IRC and have a client its irc.sorcery.net  then /join #cat.

A great site for information from a young female perspective and some good essays have a look at Jess's site

Ok, First here is the first instalment of my Life as a Naturist.....

Here are some beach reviews, of Studland, Leysdown, St Osyth and other beaches I have been to over the last few years.

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