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In Their Own Words Washington Holiday

Harm    Mac    Bud    Harriet    Clay

Lieutenant Commander Harmon Rabb, Jr.

By Dottie (dottieb@erols.com)

Thursday 1800 hours

"Other duties as assigned." What did I do to deserve this one? Is this the Navy or an escort service? Traipsing around with a teenage princess in tow isn't exactly what I was trained for. Webb set this one up. Set ME up! He's so damned serious all the time, but I can't help wondering if it's his idea of a joke. Anyway, the Secret Service is coming along to protect her. Should be quite a party. Dinner at a Senator's home tonight, sightseeing tomorrow, NATO ball Saturday night. Not exactly exciting, but doesn't sound too dangerous.


2000 hours

Princess Alexi of Romania. I see why she needs an escort! Her bodyguard was assassinated a few days ago in Brussels, and apparently there have been death threats on the princess's life by hardliners in the country opposed to her father's interest in joining NATO. Beyond that, that young lady is a handful! Totally spoiled by a doting dad, forward as hell, and of an age where she could get into real trouble! She started the evening by insulting her host, then slipped out of the powder room window and ran away! We tracked her to a nightclub in Georgetown, where she had managed to get a good deal beyond tipsy. And she did not come willingly when I brought her out! Though I daresay she would have been willing for other entertainment. Glad I thought to invite the Secret Service guy to join us in the back seat!

More importantly, I met Meghan today. Meghan O'Hara. She moved into the apartment downstairs. She's a columnist for the "Washington Post." Very attractive blonde, sharp, funny, and apparently unattached. Also very convenient! I plan to get to know her better.

At least she may keep my mind off other distractions.


Friday. 2330 hours.

Had a change of plans today. Instead of doing the Smithsonian thing, Webb suggested we drive to Norfolk and visit a carrier. Definitely one of his better ideas! Alexi was impressed. And I must admit I was impressed with Alexi. Not only was she on her best behavior, but she's got a lot of wisdom for her age about what it takes to be a successful head of state. After she grows up, of course.

Unfortunately, Alexi goes one step forward and two steps back. She came to my apartment tonight - said she was afraid at the residence. I almost believed her. Of course, Webb would have to come by while she was here. Trouble with an apartment with an open layout, the only place you can hide someone is in the shower. But then hiding someone wasn't a top priority when I drew up the plans. It was hairy there for a while, but I don't think Webb suspected anything. Other than that, I'm losing my marbles.

Then Meghan came to return the coffee she borrowed. She probably thinks I'm nuts, too. She wanted me to get her in to the NATO ball. Frankly, I'd love to, but I can't. It might not be such a good idea getting involved with someone in the same building, though. But, of course, not nearly as bad as with someone in the same office. And I still have to look out for the princess.

Which is becoming hard and harder. After Webb and Meghan left, well, let's say Alexi made her feelings known in no uncertain terms. I'm afraid I hurt her when I refused her advances and God knows it was hard but definitely necessary. I didn't dare admit that I do think of her as more than an assignment, but this is just not the time.


Saturday, 2330 hours

I think this was what is called a memorable evening.

It started out fine. Mac had this scheme to get Bud and Harriet together at the NATO Ball. Looks like Bud messed up again and failed to invite Harriet. So they're both going with other people. I'd just as soon stay out of things like this, but figured there would be no harm giving Mac's plan a try.

The idea was for Mac and me to begin dancing together, then split up and each ask to dance with Bud and Harriet's dates. I don't believe Mac thought I was into the spirit of things, but I don't think I should have said I don't think of her a sister. Now she probably thinks. . . . well, at best that I'm a flirt, which is not good. I've gone that route with partners, and it's fraught with peril. If she asks again, I'll just tell her I think of her as a brother.

Mac's plan actually worked! That was one of two good things that happened tonight. The other was the Princess's speech saying the King will petition for membership in NATO. The King himself couldn't do it he was afraid for her life. She had no such fear, but she should have.

I saw the gun first and went after the shooter, but didn't get there until shots had been fired. Agent Fowler, the Secret Service man, was hit protecting Alexi.

The shooter was Meghan. I still can hardly believe it - she seemed so nice, the kind of woman I really wanted to get to know better. Doesn't say much for my judgment about women! I'm glad I'm not the one who killed her. It was Agent Culp.


A few days later. 2300 hours

Agents Fowler and Culp and I all received medals from the King. Agent Fowler is okay, fortunately.

The king is interested in allowing an American Naval base in Romania. Alexi requested that I be part of the delegation to work out the details.

I've got to admit I'm looking forward to it.


Disclaimer: While based on the JAG episode, this is for entertainment purposes only and no profit is being made.