First Appearance: Human Torch #2 (Fall 1940).
Golden Age Appearances: Human Torch #2-31, All Winners Comics #19, 21, Marvel Mystery Comics #19-88, Young Allies #1-20.
Modern Appearances: Marvel Universe #1, Marvel Super-Heroes #16, Saga of the Human Torch #2-4, Avengers #134, Sub-Mariner #14, Power Pack #57-62, Captain America Annual #13, Thor Corps #2, She-Hulk v2 #22.
Years Active: 1940-1955.

Rich Bellacera's spiffy Toro MicroThe Human Torch (I) was flying by a circus one day when he noticed a boy who was fireproof. He approached the boy and the two teamed up, with the Torch teaching the boy, Toro, how to control his flame. They had a number of adventures together during the Golden Age, with Toro becoming a member and leader of the Young Allies and later a member of the All-Winners Squad, but in late 1948 Toro was replaced as the Human Torch's sidekick by Sun Girl. Toro reappeared in the mid-1950s, along with the Human Torch (I), Captain America (I) & Bucky (I), and Sub-Mariner, but then disappeared again.

When Toro was brought back, his origin and post-war history were redefined. Toro, now named Thomas Raymond, was the son of a Fred Raymond, who had worked for Professor Phineas T. Horton, the inventor of the Human Torch (I). Toro's parents had been killed by the Asbestos Lady, an enemy of the Human Torch (I). It was revealed that during the war Toro was a member of the Invaders and the Kid Commandos, and was present when the Human Torch killed Adolf Hitler.

After the war Toro and the Torch fought crime with the All-Winners through 1949, when the All-Winners Squad disbanded. Some time after that Toro left the Torch to tend to his ailing foster mother; after a while he returned to active duty alongside the Torch. Shortly afterwards a group of criminals, supplied with a special solution by the Soviet Union, doused the Torch and Toro with the solution. This paralysed Toro and robbed the Torch of his powers, and the criminals took the Torch to the Nevada Desert and buried him, leaving Toro behind. Toro, thinking the Torch dead, retired from crimefighting. When the Torch returned in 1953 Toro resumed crimefighting with him, but in 1955 the Torch committed suicide, and Toro retired from crimefighting permanently, marrying and leading a normal life. Then, during the modern era, after the Human Torch (I) was, seemingly, killed, Toro attended his funeral, only to be drugged by the Mad Thinker and used against the Sub-Mariner. Toro was killed attempting to bring the Mad Thinker to justice.

Toro had the powers of the Human Torch (I).

Note: The character referred to as "Mister Raymond" who appeared in Power Pack #57-62 was clearly intended to be Toro, from the name to his bursting into flame, but since that directly contradicts earlier Marvel continuity--Toro's death--and has never been followed up on again, I'm choosing to ignore it as having been another flaming character.

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