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Buying the Cow has finished filming! The expected release date is April 6 2001 in the USA. Jerry to star in new movie, Down and Under!

I will be changing the wallpaper on account that I got several complaints that A surfer could not see the text. If you would like to donate wallper (very few colors in it) then please, by all means, Email me. I would prefer if you found it while using netscape and uploaded it to email there. I am trying to make my site netscape friendly. If you are unable to upload or send attatchments, then please send me the Pic url (ie. http://www.url.com/picname.jpg).

Jerry to be in new movie, First Daughter

The Night before. (formerly titled Body Shots) to be released October 22, 1999!

I know it's been a while since i updated, but Body shots was never released nationewide. go figure. jerry is chatting tonight at maximonline.com at 5 EST, so be sure to be there! Welcome to my Jerry O'Connell page. Jerry is the adorable genius, Quinn Mallory, on "Sliders". The show was formerly on Fox, but if you missed it, you can still catch it on the Sci-Fi Channel. It's come to my attention (through mailing lists digest) that Jerry will be leaving "Sliders", but Quinn will stay. (That's nuts! Jerry is Quinn!) Sadly, when Jerry leaves, Colin will blow up in a wormhole, and Jerry will emerge in a different body. They'll lose some of their following when Jerry leaves, but things change. Will I be watchng it? You must be asking. The truth is I don't know. I may or may not. I began watching it for the plot in 93. I may go back to watching it for the plot. Unless the guy they cast is someone like Dean Cain. (Who may find a web page for himself in the future. So many pages, only one lifetime!) Jerry has also appeared in such movies as "Jerry Maguire", where he got to star with Tom Cruise. Megan Ward has also had the privilege of starring with Jerry in "Joe's Apartmnent", a movie based on the three minute spoof on MTV. I found a website too cool for the traditional links section. It's the movie site for Joe's Apartment.

Loaded with tons of cool stuff, it's a great place to stop and ogle Jerry.

Be sure to vote for the bath pic that will go in the guest book. There were so many good ones, I couldn't decide, so take my poll, and help me. I have written a new song that I think the JODS will love!! Click here to see the lyrics!

Voice Your Choice!! My Voting Booth allows you to express your oppinion about Jerry's movies, series and departure from "Sliders"!!

I will accept pix. Proper credit will be given if I have the owner's name and url. When submitting, please be sure to include these things. If you want to submit a pic, email me. Thank You in advance. Click on the blue and it will send your mail to my permanent address. Email me with comments, suggestions, questions, or if something is not working om this page.

I will add more fanfiction if you submit some good "Sliders" or other fanfiction as long as it is Jerry!I can now recieve attatchments!!

To cut and paste, highlight the text with the left (lmb) mouse button. After text is highlighted, click the right (rmb) mouse button. Select "Copy" by clicking lmb. You now have it temporarily stored. Go to the current document and click rmb. Boom! There ya go! Make sure my address is in the box that says "To:" and click the send button! Use this process, and there's almost nothing you can't duplicate! Also: I have fixed every single link on all three of my pages.

Feel free to look around. I apologize for the delay. If I missed one, please email me so I will know I need to fix it. (No, I don't get mad when people email about this kind of thing. In fact, I wish I got mail when something didn't work!)

Mailing Lists. Yes, they exist. You want to join one? Well, I got three for you. The JODS has their own list, and if you want to know what's going on with Jerry, it'd be a really good idea to subscribe. To subscribe, send an empty message to jods-subscribe@makelist.com. But before you do that, first you have to register at eGroups. The other list is the Sliders list. Send e-mail to Majordomo@esosoft.com in the body of the message, type SUBSCRIBE SLIDERS.

by sending mail to the same esosoft address, you can subscribe to the sliders fanfic list. simply email the above addy and type subscribe slfic in the body. a note to those of you trying to unsub from the sliders list: type unsubscribe sliders in the body of the list, or contact the list owner. I've seen several posts to the list with people trying to get off.
here. a specal thank you to Slider Olena, the site owner!!!

DWIO Sliders Chat this is where sci2kgurl hosts the Sliders role playing game. it's an aol thing.


JerryOke Returns!


Jerry Pix

Jerry in most of his roles. I've aquired alot more pix. they have been posted without the owners permission. I got most of them from the Jerry O'Connell Droolers society. Some are from the Joe's Apartment site I posted above, and the rest are from official and unofficial sites aroound the net.


My links page is pretty much complete. I will happily accept link submissions. Just tell me the name of the link, what it has, and the owner's name. (Go ahead, take a shot in the dark on how you can talk to me!) Also, I'm looking for all official movie sites for Jerry's movies. I can't seem to find Calendar Girl, or some of his others. Scream 2 and Joe's Apartment are what I have now. If you find one of the movie sites I do not have, please Email me.


Well, I finally got a fanfic, so, I'm putting together the fanfic page. Sorry for the delay.

Chat with the Brothers O'Connell

Your mom decided to take you grocery shopping while it was on, huh? Well, mine too, so, I did what any sane body would do: I'm putting a copy of the chat on my page. These guys are hysterical together, so don't miss them in this chat, or, for the most part, seaon 4 of sliders, coming in June to Sci Fi Channel (call your cable/satelite provider if you do not have it.)

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