Tom Cruise

Hi and Welcome to my Tom Cruise page! Tom is a seasoned vet of hollywood. with a wife like nicole kidman, and costars like Val Kilmer, Demi Moore, and Jerry O'Connell, it's no wonder this man is at the top of the acting world, and the center of many teenage fantasies! (For the record I am not a teenager.) Tom is reportedly starring in the upcoming sequel to his 1996 box office smash, Mission Impossible based on the tv series, as well as Minority Report, Magnolia, and Eyes Wide Shut, co-starring wife Nicole, so the fans have alot to look forward to!! About eyes wide shut: Parents: Please do not allow your children under 17 to go by themselves. Tom and the Mrs will be in the buff, and your kids simply are not old enough or mature enough to handle such material. There's a reason these kinds of movies are rated R. (Dsd gets of the soap box). Tom and real-life wife team up in an R-Rated thriller, which has Entertainment Tonight talking. Reportedly, there's a steamy love scene in front of a mirror. Want to know more?

"Married psycologists dive into a strange sexual underworld that leads them through a psycological voyage into themselves and their relationship."

(My personal oppinion: Tom and Nicole were looking to get naked in public.)

It will be released July 16, 1999 in the USA.

Magnolia will be released christmas day.

This page will provide the standard links and pix, as well as a bio, and filmography. Email should be sent to

Tom willb e starring int he THIRD installment of Mission impopssible! It is due out in 2004 so you'll have a while. In the meantime, check out minority report.



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