Star Trek: Voyager
fan fiction by Vyola
A sequel to Invitation.

TRIOS: Seduction (NC-17)

It's embarrassing for a man my age to be at the mercy of his body.

I'm walking the halls, watching Voyager's crew. It's only an hour or two into this shift and everybody off-duty is settling into their evening. Some classes are forming in the mess hall, a gardening group is heading for Hydroponics for a lecture from Tuvok, couples are strolling hand in hand.


It seems everywhere I look I see them. It's going to drive me crazy. I don't ever remember being this on edge since I was at the Academy, hormones at a perpetual flood crest. At least I'm not on the bridge now. I can just hear her saying, "Commander, I need a First Officer who can think with his brains, not his gonads." Harry would blush. Tuvok would stare. Paris would snicker.

No, she wouldn't say that. She'd just give me a knowing smile, brush by me and hand me some problem to solve. It's a game she's proving quite adept at. Ever since New Earth, our relationship has changed. She's a little looser around me, a little freer. She flirts. A glance here, a touch there. We're both thinking of what could be, what will be.

And I apparently am a glutton for punishment because I just keep taking it. I really wouldn't have it any other way. I've made the decision to be at her side, to be whatever she needs me to be. I made that decision after the Array, I made it on New Earth, I made it a hundred times in between and I will keep making it. When I said my soul had found peace, I meant it.

However, the body keeps asking when it gets peace, too.

If I don't get it soon, I think I'm going to have to take out my aggression elsewhere. Tom Paris would be a great place. He knows just what's going through my mind whenever Kathryn stands beside me, leaning into my body heat. I can see him give that impudent grin as I struggle not to caress her hair or put my hand over hers.

Maybe I can get him to sign up for a little hand-to-hand practice. He'd look better without that grin and I'd get rid of some of this tension.

No, I really don't want to think about body contact with Tom. I'd just do something that would destroy the relationship we've finally built. I've come to see him as so much more than his past, to see the man who's survived so much. I respect him. Of course, I'd deny that to his face. He's also the most annoying person I've ever met. My own personal penance for whatever sins I've committed. Always the dig, always the question, always the "well, I guess you're the Commander, Commander" attitude. Then he goes and pulls us out of another close one.

Pulls me out.

Damn him. He still owns my life.

The Captain's voice startles me. "Janeway to Chakotay."

"Chakotay here, Captain."

"Would you care to join me for an evening of pool and conversation at Sandrine's? I'm planning on inviting Tom Paris as well."

Wonderful. Now I'm hearing things. No, that really was the Captain, suggesting....

"I'll meet you there in fifteen minutes, Kathryn. Chakotay out."

Mustn't keep the lady waiting.

I'm the first to arrive. Sandrine's is empty of people, holographic or otherwise. I rack the balls and idly break. Stripes and solids roll over the green felt and bank off the sides.

"Getting in a little practice, Commander?"

I hadn't heard him come in. He's leaning against the bar, watching me. "If I'm going to play against the Captain, I need every second of practice I can get."

"Don't worry, Commander. I'm sure with persistence, you'll eventually take the Captain. At pool."

Mocking blue eyes hold mine just long enough to make sure that I know that he knows I heard that little pause. Long enough to rattle me, too short to call him on.

I think it's time to rattle the Lieutenant. Besides, he should get a little idea of what's ahead.

"Actually, Tom, I think it may take both of us to ensure success."

Oh, he does not know how to take that. Good. I walk over to the bar and invade his space. Not too much. I don't want to scare him off. Just so he can feel me disturb the air around him. "Teamwork is so important, don't you agree, Tom? People working together toward a common goal...."

Kathryn enters. He's beside her at the door so fast I think he's broken warp 10 again. "Captain! Uh, the Commander and I, we, uh...."

Gotcha. "We were just discussing the importance of teamwork in order to reach goals."

She looks wonderful, her hair down about her shoulders, her eyes alive. She's wearing something new, a green dress. Clingy on top, full skirted. She's approachable, delicate, even, without her uniform.

"Sounds intriguing. Oh, and Tom? This is definitely downtime. Please call me Kathryn."

And a point for her. His eyebrows shoot up, his eyes widen and I see his mouth silently question, "Kathryn?"

He's already recovered, pulling that flyboy persona around him. He racks the balls, saying, "Normally I'd be chivalrous, Cap- Kathryn, and allow the lady first break. But I think Chakotay and I need the advantage." He gestures me to the table. "Age before beauty."

I break, listening to Kathryn chuckle.

We fall an easy rotation, the odd player out watching, sipping a drink. Conversation is light, funny. Tom is recounting the story of his Senior year vacation from the Academy, a wildly improbable tale of beautiful women, high intrigue and low humor. "...which is how my statue ended up in the Shrine of Pleasure on Risa."

I snort. "Tom Paris, Love God."

"Don't scoff, Chakotay. I have powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men."

That's a cue if I ever heard one. Kathryn obviously agrees with me.

"Put up or shut up time, Tom."

He's fast, I'll grant him that. He drops the cue, wraps one arm around Kathryn's waist, cradles her head in the other and sweeps her into a dramatic clinch.

He presses a quick, closed-mouth kiss on her lips and starts to straighten up. But then he stops and I see his arms tighten around her. Slowly, his eyes holding hers, he bends his head and kisses her again.

Deeply. Thoroughly.

Her hands run from his arms to his shoulders, pulling him closer. One creeps to his head, twining her fingers in his blond hair. I watch them, the two bright heads so close together, exploring each other, learning the secrets of lips and tongues.

Finally, they come up for air. Tom sets her back on her feet and moves back a step. His hair is ruffled, his blue eyes dark with passion. His pale face flushes and his chest rises and falls heavily.

Kathryn mirrors him, arousal clear in every line. "You pack quite a punch, Tom." That husky voice has turned sultry.

Tom swallows hard, darts a glance at me. "You can't really appreciate my finer qualities without a comparison."

She moves in front of me and I cup her face in both hands. I lean down and at last our lips meet. I'm shaken by the promises her kiss holds.

Promises of passion, of laughter. Of someone to trust and cherish. No more loneliness....

We pull away and smile foolishly at one another. Enough of that for now. We have something else in mind tonight.

"Kathryn can make a comparison now. But I think I'd better offer my opinion, too."

I give him every chance to turn me away, my hands shaping his biceps, his shoulders, the curve of his neck. I enjoy the hardness of his muscles, the implicit strength such a contrast to her smaller frame.

His eyes meet mine, daring me, challenging me. I make him wait until he sways toward me.

Firm lips softening under mine. Dark sweetness within. Greedily, I send my tongue exploring. I stroke in and out of his hot mouth. A groan escapes me as he traps my tongue and sucks on it.

His hands are flat on my back, pressing us closer. I drop one arm to his waist, cup his ass and bring our hips into alignment.

Our cocks stiffen behind their fabric restraints. Our kisses grow fiercer as we begin to move against each other. A small hand insinuates itself between us, stroking our hard shafts, cupping between our legs. She nuzzles my neck then presses soft kisses beneath Tom's ear.

"Gentlemen, may I suggest someplace other than Sandrine's? I don't think the pool table is big enough for three."

Tom catches his breath just long enough to say, "Computer, discontinue program 'Sandrine's' and activate program 'Paris 8A.'"

Our surroundings shimmer and reform. We're in a large room over the sea. Moonlight streams in through the open windows, the wind carrying the tang of the ocean, the sweetness of night-blooming flowers. The carpet is plush and covered with a multitude of cushions.

"The Risa coast." I recognize the view. "You *did* have better vacations than me, Tom."

Gentle laughter as we embrace and sway to the soft music whispering over us. Something Deltan, I think. It suits the room, the mood.

Our fingers grow busy, sliding the clothes away, exploring new territories. I marvel at our differences. Kathryn, so soft and sleek, with generous curves at breast and hip. Her hair falls to her shoulders, the color echoed by the soft tangle between her thighs. Tom looks carved from marble, a young David in the flesh. Subtly defined muscles flexing as he moves. Without the uniform, he's bigger, broader, than I expected.

I look at my hands on their pale skin. My bronzed flesh is even darker beside them. I hope they find the contrast as exciting as I do.

Kathryn stands behind Tom, her fingers laced with his, pressing full-body against him. She kisses along his shoulder blades, along his spine.

I kneel in front of him, my lips working on his flat belly, his taut hip bones. He feels my warm breath on his cock but I pass it by, brushing it with my cheek, then my hair as I kiss down his thighs.

He pulls his hands from hers and rests them on my head. She reaches around and caresses his chest, circling his nipples. At his sudden gasp, I look up. She's got a patch of skin at the side of his neck between her lips, sucking and licking it. He thrusts his hips toward me in time with her torment.

Lowering my head again, I lick around the head of his cock, tasting the salt of his arousal. I press my lips along the shaft, weighing his soft balls in one hand.

His hips move harder and faster and finally I take him fully into my mouth. I hollow my cheeks and move up and down his length, my tongue flat along the underside.

He seems to grow bigger in my mouth. Kathryn's hand brushes mine between his legs as she delicately probes along his cleft.

The night is filled with the sounds of flesh on flesh, of half-whispered pleas, of moans of delight.

As I feel his climax approach, I grip his hips in each hand and take his cock as deeply as I can. He comes hard and I keep the stimulation constant until finally he stands limp and sated between us.

I stand up and press a lingering kiss on his lips, letting him taste himself. Then I lean to the side and kiss Kathryn.

Tom pushes her gently down to the cushions. "Your turn now." I follow them to the floor.

He trails his hands over her sides, down her thighs, sending little shivers over her skin. His blond head, bright even in the dim light, descends between her thighs. She moves her legs to accommodate him as he begins to pleasure her with lips and tongue and fingers.

I concentrate on her breasts, shaping one with my hand, lavishing kisses on the other. I tease her nipples, keeping them hard and tight.

"Please," she whispers as she pulls at my shoulders. I move up and over her body, my cock pulsing against her lips. Tom comes up beside her and turns her to face me, draping her leg back over his.

A shudder runs through her body as he enters her. He wraps one arm under her waist and slips the other hand down between her thighs. His deft fingers part her folds and slip inside to find her clitoris. She gasps and moans as he caresses her, her mouth opening to admit my cock.

Every sensation he gives her is transmitted to me as she sucks and licks. As he thrusts deeper, she takes me further inside. As his fingers circle her clit, she flicks her tongue around the crown of my cock. And when they come, her shudders and whimpers trigger my climax.

He pulls slowly out of Kathryn as I move back down beside her. She lays between us, our arms reaching across her to idly embrace.

We drift contentedly, soft air cooling our heated bodies. Suddenly, a thought hits her. She looks at Tom. " You were calling me Kate! Why not Kathryn?"

I don't remember hearing anybody saying anything. I think I was otherwise occupied.

"Kathryn is his name for you. I want one of my own." His voice is serious but I can see the devil in his eye.

I'll play. "What about Kathy?"

"No good." A negligent shrug. "Q calls her that." Between us, I hear her sputter.

"I thought about Kitten," he continues.

She bares her teeth at us.

"Why not Kat? Ouch!"

We carefully pry her nails from our flanks.

"Appropriate, but painful." Tom shakes his head regretfully. "No, it must be Kate. Bonny Kate, the prettiest Kate in Christendom. Or at least Delta Quadrant."

"I'm the *only* Kate in Delta Quadrant!"

"It's the principle of the thing," I chime in helpfully.

He suddenly turns serious. "But always a 'wild Kate,' I hope, never a 'Kate conformable as other household Kates.'

"I second that request."

"I promise."

With a word to the computer to wake us in time for our next shift, we snuggle together, savoring the sense of contentment that envelops us.

Tomorrow will come soon enough.

For now, we sleep.

the end
October 1996

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