Star Trek: Voyager
Voyager had the best pilot episode of the franchise, full of interesting characterizations and intriguing conflict. I watched it long after I stopped writing it -- it pulled a number of rabbits out of its hat and say what you will about her physical attributes, Jeri Ryan can act, but the slash spark went out for me and I wasn’t moved to write anything else.

Second Impression (C/P NC-17)
-- Some classic h/c, gratuitous sex and a lot of angst

Duel of Hearts (C/P PG)
-- rip off the best, in this case Georgette Heyer

Pool Cues (C/P PG-13 Humor)
-- the traditional trappings of romance....

In Silence and Apart (C/P NC-17)
-- Chakotay wakes tied to the bed

Happy Birthday, Tom (PG-13, Humor)
-- what does Tom really want for his birthday?

TRIOS series (J/C/P NC-17)
-- Janeway's POV, as she considers extending two invitations
-- Chakotay's POV, as he joins Janeway in a seduction of Paris
-- Paris's POV, as the relationship comes to a crisis point

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