Paskiewicz Family: Starynki /Vilna/ Plymouth, PA/ Detroit, MI    (Var: Paszkiewicz)

Paskiewicz Family From Starynki, var Starinki, and in Russian:  Старынкі  (Latitude: 5352' Longitude: 2646').  

INTRODUCTION:   While I have a wealth of information on my maternal side, my father's side is almost a blank. The family was not close, and genealogy is difficult considering the language barrier, two world wars, and that this family, though not without interest, consists of working people and shop owners, without a good paper trail. It also seems that Eastern European immigrants left the old world behind- and did not want to perpetuate the language and traditions, wanting to quickly assimilate. This is just a small beginning to understand my own namesake.  

PASKIEWICZ   Russian Spelling: Pashkevich

Paskiewicz is the 69,279th most popular surname in the United States

SPELLING Variations: Paskiewicz, Paszkiewicz, Pascavage, Puscavage  Other variations- but not related to: Paskavage, Paskawicz, Paskewicz, Paskewits, Paskevitch, Paskevich Paskovak Paskavic  Pascovich Paskovice  Pacsavic Paskovic Paskovich Peskovic Peskovich Pachovic  Pazkewitz Pazkowitz Pazkiewiez Pazkiswcz Baskiewicz

NOTE: LINK HERE TO THE PASCAVAGE FAMILY FROM VILNA WHO SETTLED IN PLYMOUTH PA.  With their own page.  Note from our initial excitment of linking together- there is at present no hard evidence linking this Paskiewicz page with the Pascavage family. Both come from Plymouth, PA coincidently, and only an anecdote of a visit to 52 Franklin Street connected us- But that visit would have to have taken place after WWII. We have had close ties with Plymouth, PA, and someone living and dying there would be recent, not ancient history. I will keep that Pascavage page posted.

OLITA RESEARCH LINKS: olita.htm  Alytus.html  wikipedia  rootsweb.   memoir/Poland   statoids  

  Adam GRIZDIS    b abt 1830   Maternal line- tracking here- all I have---
   - - - - - -  GRIZDIS  (not Regina  that is on Zenko line). born in Poland
  John PASZKIEWICZ  b abt 1852 in Vilna "Russia" or "Poland"    Mentioned on Ignacy's (SR) Death Certificate. 
?  Joseph PASZKIEWICZ  ?? B 1871 Russia - Possible brother of Ignatz- in 1900, name spelled "Botscavage"- living with a "Joseph Goditis" at a boarding house.
  Lt. Igantz (Ignacy) PASZKIEWICZ  B 14 Aug 1869, Starynki, Gub Vilna, Russia. Russian Army Officer, Retired from R Army. coal miner  One time cook in the Russian Army and "pontoon builder" in army. Declaration to be citizne dated His declaration was dated 23 Nov 1908, Naturalized citizen March 14, 1911   d 4 Mar 1929 9:00 pm 52 Franklin St, Plymouth PA, bu 7 Mar 1929 St Mary's, Plymouth,  1910 Census as Ignatz Puscavage, to USA 1899, Miner, speaks English, Nat' "Russ-Polish" Plymouth Ward 7, Luzerne  1900 Census- listed as "Ignats Boscavits"  names listed as: Ignats Boscavits 29 ; Mary Boscavits 30 ; Ignats Boscavits 4 ; Broueslava Boscavits 7; Judwiga Boscavits 2  and two boarders: Lewis Zakonis 30 ; Felix Meholoskie 22. (Could that be Felix Statsiewicz? Same age). Ignatz seems to have not to be listed as having a WW I Draft card.   Death Certificate has last name as "Paszkiewicz."  Before 52 Franklin, they had the house directly behind- on Blair Street. The Paskiewicz's owned a cow- and sold milk to their neighbors- having the only cow in that area. Children were never spoken to in Polish.   Came to America 1898- one year ahead of wife and family. Wife came with her sister. In 1920 Census- Spoke Polish only & wife- children spoke English.  Censuses Found In: 1900, 1910, 1920,  Immigration: See him arriving alone 10 June 1899 New York on the S.S. Palatia, that sailed from Hamburg, Germany 28 May. He was 29 years old, and headed from Plymouth, PA. His grandfather lived here- Adam Grizdis. He had $8.70 on him. From Vilna, Russia.   
#1 Maria PETROVNA   m Ignatz while he was in the army. 
 #2          Maryana (Mary Anna) ZENKO  (Zienka, ZENKA) Daughter of Peter Zenko and Regina Grizdis,   b ab 1871-2 Gechalovka Lithuania, not far from Olita- called "Ulita" by Lillian Paskiewicz.  d 27 Oct 1930 6:55 am at 11304 Maiden, Detroit, MI, Ciotka ZENKO came over with her sister- Mary and took care of Igntaz, Blanch and Edna on the boat coming over since Mary Paskiewicz was sea sick on the voyage. Bu Plymouth PA. In 1930 as Mary Pascavage -with son Walter, dau Agnes, Ben Kosmela and Dorothy, and daughters Blanche and Helen. at 52 Franklin Street. 1910 Census- Could only speak Polish** Per Lillian Paskiewicz, Zenko family from "Ulita, Russia." Cannot find- BUT- there is, not far from Vilna, Olita,  (also Alita, Alytus) Lithuania, which would be Russia back then, -also "On the map, Olita is the Russian spelling for Alytus. It is in the Vilnius/Vilna gubernia. The town sits on the banks of the Nemunas/Nieman River with part of the town on the west bank which was part of the Suvalkija/Suwalky gubernia."(Ref) Ref Map Mapquest;  Location: Latitude 54 deg 24', Longitude 24 deg 3' 62 kilometers (38 miles) South South West of Kaunas (Kovna) .In 1909 as a result of a great fire most of the town's houses burnt down. During World War I Olita was not damaged. Note: LDS Has the following file available:    #747740 Lithuania Olita (Kalwarja) Births Marriages Deaths 1835-1865  Also many Vilna files. Censuses Found In: 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930.   Came to USA April 16, 1900 on the Milano, with children to meet husband here. From Olita- confirmed.
            Paul E. PASKIEWICZ  b 3 Apr 1903 Plymouth, PA  d 12 Dec 1978 Plymouth, PA  1930 Census w/ wife and dau under name Pascavage  Grocery store owner. Smoked his own meats.  In 1910 and 1920 Census at butcher store. Censuses Found In: 1910, 1920, 1930
  Lillian Sylvanus b 6 Feb 1903  d 25 Apr 1988 Plymouth, PA 
  Lillian K. PASKIEWICZ  b 30 May 1926, Plymouth, PA d 17 Dec 2004, Plymouth, PA  dsp   photo 1950  Her obit   read: "She was born in Plymouth, daughter of the late Paul and Lillian Sylvanus Paskiewicz. She was a graduate of Plymouth High School, Class of 1944.
Miss Paskiewicz worked in Philadelphia for several different companies. Upon her retirement, she returned to Plymouth. She was an avid gardener with a love of flowers as well as a voracious reader. She was a member of the St. Mary's-St. Stephen's-St. Vincent's Parish Community of Plymouth . . .Burial at 9 in Saint Mary's Nativity Church, Plymouth. Interment will be in the parish cemetery, Plymouth Township."
  Agnes (Andrej) PASKIEWICZ  b 1907 USA schhol records says born on July 13, 1905,  d 14 Nov 1948 Bloomfield, NJ  1910  worked with hosery. Godmother to Vincent Paskiewicz. (Andrew Sudo as godfather). Censuses Found In: 1910, 1920, 1930
  Boleslaw (Benjamin) A. KOSMELA  b 10 Jan 1904 Plymouth, PA,  Parents: Ignacy and Zofia;  d  9 Apr 1977, Dade County, FL   res NJ Bloomfield, Essex, Son of Ignatz Kosmela and Sofia Jablonska (b in Germany, m 25 OCT 1899 , Luzerne, Pennsylvania Ignatz had brother named Frank-and mother named Annie)  1930 Census- Plymouth, PA  In 1930 named spelled Kosmella, living with Walter Paskiewicz and his mother-in-law, Mary (Zenko) Paskiewicz and children.- also Blanche and Helen.  Coal miner;  Siblings were: Zygmont, Ludwiga, Vanda, and Rose.
  Joan KOSMELA   b Plymouth PA  divorced
  Dorothy (Dot) KOSMELA b 1928  Plymouth PA,  divorced  In 1930 Census, Plymouth  PA   poss d 1985 Ohio. was on a cruise ship in 1955, sailed from Le Havre, France to NY, traveled as "Dorothy Lonieski," accompanied by Barbara Lonieski, b in NJ. No sign of husband.
1 Edward LONIESKI    From NJ Travelled to Holland alone 1956 by ship.
Stanley (Stanislaw) PASKIEWICZ  b 1908 res Plymouth, PA  "Back of picture that I have, someone wrote that he died at age 4 so he
would have died in abt 1912" - Pennye.   In 1910 Census
Wladyslaw (Walter) Ignatz PASKIEWICZ   b 19 Dec 1904 Plymouth, Pa, Lived in Detroit for 25 years. d Detroit 22 Nov 1960 of "ethyl alcohol poisoning" died at home 6989 W Fort Street, Detroit. Death was marked "pending" then corrected to read "natural." Autopsy was marked as "incomplete"- then scratched out. Bu Mt Olivet Cemetery. Was a sometimes porter in a tavern.   Boxer at one time- Chicago  Wounded self accidentally cleaning his shotgun,- witnessed by my father Vince and his uncle.  In 1910 Census, 1920 in coal mines, In 1930 Census living with mother and Kosmelas. Butcher Censuses Found In: 1910, 1920, 1930
Blanche (Bronislawa) PASKIEWICZ  b 2 Aug 1894 Vilna  d 22 Jul 1969 Dayton, OH Res PA, NJ then OH  In 1930 Census -but not with husband- with mother, daug, Brother Walter and the Kosmelas. Married last named spelt "Mackavage" in that census. Occ in 1930 knitter at Hosery Mill   1920 Census states Blanche came to USA 1898. naturalized 1913.  Censuses Found In: 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930.
  Charles MACKIEWICZ   b (12 Apr 1892 Swalki, poss)  Poland-Russia, coal miner, 1920 in Jackson, Luzerne, PA Sudo family next door- either close friends or related somehow.   
  Charles F. MACKIEWICZ JR, b 30 Dec 1916 PA, d bef 1984,  Enlisted Plymouth, PA  1942- single at time,  HS Grad, "Gas And Oil Man," In 1920 Census
  Benjamin T. MACKIEWICZ   b 6 Sep 1918, Luzerne Cty, PA  In 1920 living at Jackson, Luzerne, PA  named spelled "Mackiveicz." in error,  Enlisted in army 8 Jan 1942, HS Grad - Occ in 1942: Butcher. Killed in car accident 15 Jun 1994   Res: Shickshinny, Luzerne Cty, PA,
1 Arlene Mae WITCHEY  b May 7, 1929.  They divorced.
Benjamin MACKIEWICZ JR.   b  August 19, 1962
Elizabeth DIPAOLO   b 19 Jun 1917 Berwick, dau of Berardo DiPaoloa and Concetta Ciampi  d 28 Dec 2007. res Freas Avenue, Berwick;  Ben (Sr.) second marriage. There was a real love story-- Ben (Sr.) and Elizabeth were together but Ben got a girl preganant and married her. When the first wife died, Elizabeth and Ben (Sr.) married. She was so in love with him that she never had married. They didn't have any children together. From her Obit:
In her early years she held the position of secretary supervisor at the A C & F during WWII, then attended school to become a Practical Nurse and a beautician to take care of her ailing mother. Member of St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Berwick. Preceding her in death was her husband Benjamin Mackiewicz who died in 1994, two brothers: Anthony and Alexander DiPaolo, and a sister: Caroline DiPaolo. Surviving are many nieces, nephews, and cousins
  Albert MACKIEWICZ  b after 1920 Shot accidentally by brother Ben; did not survive, d 31 Mar 1932 no other details known  Lived on farm
  Helen B. MACKIEWICZ b 14 Oct 1924  In 1930 Census with mother, Kosmelas, uncle Walter "Pascavage" and grandmother "Mary Pascavage" When married John Brinkman, at res Englewood, OH I spoke to Helen on the phone around Aug 20, 2007 abt the death of Vince Paskiewicz.         
m1 George D. LAUGHTER  d bef 1984, children from previous marriage John R., Amy and David.
m2 John B. BRINKMAN  b Oct 1929, m  20 Jan 1968  res Englewood, OH
        Jadeirga (Edna) PASKIEWICZ b 13 Nov 1898 Vilna (or Warsaw) d 14 Oct 1985 Ruskin, Hillsborough, Florida There has been much talk of Edna and her second husband, John, being "cousins." In 1930 Census Edna and whole family indexed as "Ruzanni"  In 1920 Census as "Edna Mikolajewski" and her daughter Isabelle with parents at 52 Franklin, Plymouth, PA.  Censuses Found In: 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930
m1 Stephen (Steve) MIKOLAYEWSKI   b Plymouth, PA  WW I 83 Infantry Divison,  kia  d 17 Sep 1918 France bu Oise-Aisne American Cemetery, Plot D Row 10 Grave 35, Fere-en-Tardenois, France.83 Infantry Divison Pvt. U.S. Army    Censuses Found In:
  Isabel MIKOLAYEWSKI  living in Florida  b 29 Jul 1918 Wilkes-Barre In 1920 Census.
  Erwin Joseph WOJDYLA b 25 Sep 1919 Detroit  d 17 Oct 2004 Apollo Beach, FL. Florida National Cemetery; Was in my dad's wedding party- Vince Paskiewicz'  Enlisted 3 Dec 1941  Parents: Max and Marion. In 1920 Census MI as "Irwin", In 1930 Census MI
Deborah Marie WOJDYLA b 29 Sep 1950, Detroit
  Gary JOHNSON b 1 Apr 1949, Detroit
  Nicole Marie JOHNSON b 29 Jun 1972 Detroit
  Steven Keith JOHNSON b 21 May 1977 Livonia
Sandra Jeanne WOJDYLA b 9 Apr 1947 Detroit
1 Jeffery Bruce HUNT  b 18 Oct 1947
  Joseph HUNT  b 18 Jul 1965
  Kimberly HUNT  b 16 Nov 1966
  Christine HUNT  b 16 Feb 1970
2 David
  Rebecca  (Becky) HUNT  b 31 May 1973, MI
3 Gerald Ray POWELL b 25 Dec 1947 d 30 Mar 1979, Detroit
  Katherine Michelle POWELL b 10 Oct 1974, Brownstown, MI
4 Michael PARKER b 20 Mar 1964
Dale Patrick WOJDYLA b 12 Jan 1956 Detroit
1 Stephanie (Stevie) Jane CONNOR b 1962, MI
  Megan Elizabeth WOJDYLA b 17 Oct 1986, Winterhaven, FL
  Grant Ashton WOJDYLA b 1 Oct 1989 Winterhaven, FL
2 Lisa WILCOCKSON b 18 Dec 1967 Chicago
Penelope Ann (Pennye) WOJDYLA b 16 Aug 1944 Detroit  Teaches the dulcimer in Michigan
1 Casimir Frederick ROSOCHACKI   b 18 May 1943, Detroit, d 16 Jan 2002, Ossineke, MI
  James Joseph ROSOCHACKI   b 29 Jul 1965 Highland Park, MI
  Kathleen Mary Hodgson
  Karen Marie ROSOCHACKI   b 16 Jan 1967, Livonia, MI
  Mike Lee GREEN
  Daniel Thomas ROSOCHACKI   b 19 Oct 1968, Livonia, MI
  Peggy Ann LEE
2 William Leonard SCHEIBER b 14 Jan 1934, Lansdale, PA
m2 John James RUZANTIS b 25 Nov 1889, Rockville, CT, d 2 Apr 1960, Detroit; m 28 Apr 1920 PA., res 1950:12096 Longview, Detroit.
John J. (or David) RUZANTIS Jr.   b 7 Apr 1921 Detroit, d Nov 1972 Miami Dade County, FL    photo 1950
2 Lorraine PIOCH b 28 Aug 1926 Detroit, d Feb 1979, Macomb Cty, MI   Parents: Emil and Alma Detroit- sisters: Irma and Darleen  Seems that she was possibly married at one time to a John Leslie Turner, and had two children: Albert Jacob Turner b 1954 Texas, and Becky Jean Turner, b 1948, Texas. Name listed as Lorriane Jean Pioch.
  Jeffery RUZANTIS (Jr.)  b 30 Apr 1956
Gloria Marie RUZANTIS b 17 Dec 1928 Detroit
Harold Barbour BLETHREW b 25 Mar 1924 Steubenville, OH, d 27 Apr 1981 CA  -Riverside National Cemetery
  Robert Towns BLETHREW b 16 Nov 1960, Santa Barbara, CA
Cheryl OATES b
  Nicholas Towns BLETHREW b 5 Apr 1993 Long Beach, CA
  Colleen Elizabeth BLETHREW b 23 Mar 1996, Long Beach, CA
James (David) T. BLETHREW b 25 Dec 1958, Fontana,  CA
Heidi PARKER  b
   Kathryn Rose BLETHREW b 16 Aug 1995, Santa Rosa, CA
  Ignatz (Ignacy/ Ignatius) John PASKIEWICZ  b 15 Jun 1897 "Russia" d Sep 1969  Also, his 1918 draft card lists "Russia" as his birthplace (Sill using name "Ignatz" .  Miner, then  Boxer: Bareknuckle- backrooms of Chicago, etc, as "Jack Smith" Played semi-pro baseball. Later ran butcher market in Detroit. Avid card player- (penny ante). 1918 Living in Plymouth PA, 405 E Main Street, d Detroit  Arrived in Detroit 20 Sep 1928. Res: in Detroit: Camden, 1931 4032 Clemens; 1932- 14912 Holmer; then 14847 Fairfield Detroit.  1910 Census worked in grocery store  Censuses Found In: 1900, 1910, 1920. In Sept 2007, Paul Paskiewicz, brother, met a doctor who knew Ignatz. mentioned that he had a meat store (also) on Hamilton, Detroit, He said he was a "good boxer, a middle weight." - Also a good father. Also knew Eddy, twins, and Delores. On duty at Mt Sinai when he died. 
  Anna Christine SINKIEWICZ  b Lithuania 08 Oct 1899  d 14 Mar 1981 Detroit   Lithuanian
  Delores F. PASKIEWICZ  b 28 Feb 1920, Plymouth PA d 20 Jan 1976 Detroit
1 Jack HAM    patient of I.J. Paskiewicz' Doctor- Ham had "a big face."
Joyce A. HAM -b Jan 1954  res Moncks Corner SC  
  Richard C. KRAFT  b 1947 res Moncks Corner SC  MITCHELL - where does that name fit in?
  John  - - --   res Moncks Corner SC Son of Joyce
  Shawnina  - - -(WHITEHEAD?) res Moncks Corner SC
JoAnne E. HAM  b Jan 1954  res  Royal Oak, MI
  Michael D. ROBINSON b 1953 res  Royal Oak, MI
  Jennifer R. ROBINSON b 1979 res  Royal Oak, MI
  Ronald Vincent LINDERMAN b 22 Apr 1940  res Detroit d Dec 13, 2007  US Marine Corp  Lived in Texas briefly
  Florence (Eleanor) ("Tootie") - - - -   b 1941
  Theresa R. LINDERMAN, RN, BSN, CPUR, CLNC b Jul 1963 Detroit, founder and director of Bluewater Nurse Consulting, PLLC b
  Joel J. WYATT  b Sep 1965
  Melissa WYATT
  Lauren WYATT
  Colton WYATT
  Shane WYATT
  Meghan WYATT
  Jonathon WYATT
  Mitchell WYATT
  Jackson WYATT
  Logan WYATT
  Rosemary Ann LINDERMAN    b 9 Oct 1938; Lives in Dalas, Texas
  Robert Edward BURKE  m 3 Oct 1955  Detroit, Michigan, Divorced 1981
  Craig Alan BURKE   b 21 Mar 1956, Detroit, MI; Currently living in Dallas, TX
  Sharon ("Sherry") Tracy BURKE b 27 May 1965 San Diego, CA,  Currently living in Winnsboro, TX
  Mr. "David" Thomas  m 12-22-1984 in Dallas, TX
  David ("Christopher") Thomas  b 24 Nov 1986, Dallas, TX, Currently living in Tyler, TX and attending The University of Texas in Tyler, TX
  Corey Daniel Thomas  b 20 Oct 1990, Born in Dallas, TX, About to be a senior in High School
  Cailey Renae Thomas  b 15 May 1998 Mt. Pleasant, TX; , About to be a 5th grader.
  Cathrine ("Cathy") Louise BURKE  b 22 Dec 1959  Oxnard, CA; currently living in Grand Prairie, TX
  Angela ("Angie") Jean BURKE  B 21 Nov 1962 , Long Beach, CA;  currently living in Sheffield Lake, OH
  Mr. McCloskey
  Edward J. PASKIEWICZ  USN, (Seabees). dsp   b 01 Dec 1925 Plymouth PA,  d 22 Feb 1984 Detroit
Mary ("Vera") Vera FOX  B Jun 1926 divorced  d 15 Jan 2003 Detroit, dsp  Lived Annie and Jimmy - last names? in the 50's & 60's. on Morang, Detroit.  Was "Miss DSR"  - Busses In Detroit had a beauty pagent- and each month had a featured model.
  Lt. Paul I. PASKIEWICZ, (2nd Lt), USAF b 1923 Plymouth, PA,  MIA over Italy -shot down WW II.  95th Fighter Squadron 82nd Fighter Group   d 25 Aug 1943 Missing,  Monument at Sicily & Rome, Italy, Purple Heart and Air Medal        dsp

    Photo album "Paul's girl" 

  Vincent Alexander PASKIEWICZ, b 17 Jul 1924 Plymouth PA,  "PASCAVAGE" on Birth Certificate. Marines  Iwo Jima, Siapan, Tinnian, etc  Machine gunner, Living   Enlisted underage, quit high school, Drove delivery truck for father at age 12.   Confirmed 28 Apr 1933 St Gregory's Church, Bishop Gallagher.  Died Aug 17, 2007 Howell, MI.  From John Ruzantis Journal: " On Friday, April 28th 1933 my nephew Vincent Alexander Paskiewicz, second son of I.J. Paskiewicz (bro-in-law) was confirmed at St. Gregory church at Dexter Blvd. (Alexander) by Bishop Michael Gallagher, my # 34-1 at about 8 P.M. I was the sponsor."
  Beverly Jean DWYER b 20 Apr 1926 Detroit d 28 Nov 2002 Howell, MI   m 3 May 1947 St Gregory's, Detroit.
  Dr. Paul Vincent PASKIEWICZ, Ph.D.  b 1948 Detroit 
  Dr. Judith KLEINBROOK, L.C.S.W., Ph.D. 
  Jessica Kate PASKIEWICZ, B.S., M.S.    Ergonomics and Biomechanics Engineer  CA,  Mountain Bike Competitions,
   Ross ELLISON,  B.S.,  Science Teacher  CA,   Mountain Bike Competitions,
Patrick Edward PASKIEWICZ, BA, MA b 1950 Detroit
  Susan Marie BROWN b 10 Aug 1953 Royal Oak, MI
  Reid Brian PASKIEWICZ  b 26 July 1978 Southfield, MI,  Technician for Motorola
  Jennifer BREEDING    
  Renee Valerie PASKIEWICZ  b 14 Feb 1976 Livonia, MI  Res Portland OR
  Christopher JOHNS  Res Portland OR
  Timothy James PASKIEWICZ b 1952 Detroit d 1973 Detroit, dsp VietNam,     Played the trumpet, but people still liked him. 
  Kevin Gerald PASKIEWICZ  b 1954 Detroit  sp  divorced
  Thomas Joseph PASKIEWICZ  b 1956 Detroit   sp 
  Lori LAIRD, R.N.  B Canada d  2006 Michigan. Memorial Fund in her name- she was active in promoting organ donoring.  dsp    


GRIZDIS  I. Paskiewicz's Grandfather's Surname





                 Mary Zenko. married Ignatz Paszkiewicz- She is below with children -One on left, Ignatious Paskiewicz, my grandfather, then Edna, Blanche



Ignatz Paszkiewicz and daughter Edna

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LAYE FAMILY UK  Connected by Marriages or Reference

EMILY LAYE   Dau of Major Francis Fenwick Laye, grand daughter of Lt. General Francis Laye

DIXON BROWN   Northumberland UK ,  Margaret Brown married Lt. General Francis Laye 1803.

AIREY of Northumberland  Lt. General Francis Laye married Mary Airey 1803    Also GILPIN, GOODEN, MULCASTER, BEDFORD (BEDFORDE), BARKUS, LAYE         

GILLMAN of  Portsmouth  LT COL BERTIE CUNYNGHAME DWYER married Beryl Maud Gillman c 1907.
ANDERSON  NICHOLSON  Northumberland  From Laye/Airey/Barnes Line
 GUY BURGESS    Spy for KGB  LT COL BERTIE CUNYNGHAME's sister-in-law, -Evelyn Gillman.,was the mother of this double agent.

  CLAVERINGS and FENWICKS   Northumberland,  From Laye/Airey/Barnes Line

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