Paskiewicz Family: Vilna/ Plymouth, PA/ Detroit, MI   


SPELLING VARlATIONS:  Grizdis, Gabzer, Girzuas, Grusdas, Gruzdzis, Gustas  (So pretty much however the hell you want).

to identify

  Simon GRUZDIS   b Oct 1870  res 535 St- --- Street, Plymouth, PA   WWI draft card "from Russia"


  Adam GRIZDIS    b abt 1830 Lithuania, 
  UNKNOWN   FEMALE   b abt 1830 Lithuania, 
  Mary GRIZDIS b 1892 Lithuania, Staying with Uncle and Aunt below in 1910  Came to USA in 1907
  Joseph GRUZDAS b 15 Dec 1885 d Jan 1973 Racine, WI
  Vincent "Wincenty" GRUZDAS b 24 Dec 1888 Imm US June 1904 From "Russia" "Lithuanian" Destination "Minnessville, PA" In WW I draft
? Martin GRUZDIS b abt 1878 Birthplace: Lithuania res CT Imm to USA 1900, or 2 Jun 1899
? Frances  - - - - b abt 1887 Birthplace: Lithuania res CT Imm to US 1904; Later res IL
  Alfons GRUZDIS b abt 1911 IL
  Marlin GRUZDIS b abt 1913 Lithuania
  Waclaw GRUZDIS b abt 1914 CT  see above - can't be
  Genovefa GRUZDIS b abt 1916 CT
  Joseph GRUZDIS b abt 1917 CT
? Symon GRUZDIS b 1882 Imm US 1905  Pittsburgh, PA 1910 Census  Boarder  1930 In TB Sanitorium, Windsor, Berks, PA
? Joseph GRUZDIS b 1879 res 1910 Pittsburgh, PA  Laborer, Two children with them in 1910- Rudkovski- as grandsons- doesn't make sense....mother is German
  Teresa - - - - -    b Russia 1883
  Mary GRUZDIS b 1906
  Helen GRUZDIS b 1908
  Joseph GRUZDIS b 31 May 1911 d 31 Oct 2004  res CT
  Anthony GRUZDIS b 1878 res 1910 Plymouth, PA "boarder"
  Adam GUSTAS (GRIZDIS)   b Oct  1862 Lithuania  Imm USA 4 May 1888 -indexed as "Adam Gabzer). d bef 1930 PA,   Res Luzerne, Plymouth PA; In 1900 Census;  In PA 1910 Census with last name as "Girzuas." 1910 Federal: Grezdas; 1920 Census name spelled "Grusdas" In 1900 Census as "Gruzdzis";  coal miner then Railroad  Mother Tongue: Lithuanian Was in the Russian Army, where he met his wife.  IMM 1889 ACC'D 1910 CENSUS 1900 Census says imm 1888
  Martha - - - -  -b July 1879 Lithuania   SUSPECT Imm USA 1899.  IMM ACCORDING TO 1930 CENSUS WAS IN 1889;  1910 Census says imm 1891 Mother Tongue: Lithuanian  In 1930 as "Martha Gustas", Census Hanover, Luzerne, PA   M 1895 d 1946 PA
  Anthony (GRIZDIS) GUSTAS b 27 Feb 1910 PA;  Mother Tongue: Lithuanian  d Oct 1969;  In 1930 Census as "Anthony Grizdus" In Queens, NY "b 1905"  boarder, Carpenter- says parents n in Lith and he in NY.   There is also another Anthony Gruzdis b 1896  living in Minersville PA 1930 boarder
  Elinore GRIZDIS b 1917 PA  Mother Tongue: Lithuanian
  Mary GREZDAS born 1902 PA    
  Edward GRUZDAS b 15 Sep 1909 PA d 15 Feb 1997 Chicago, IL
  Petre (Peter) P. (GRUZDAS, GRIZDIS) GUSTAS b 8 Jun 1908 PA,  Mother Tongue: Lithuanian;  In PA 1910 Census working in coal mine. d 17 Jun 1997 Lee St., Plymouth, Luzerne, also Larksville Luzerne.
  Anna - - - -    b 1913 Still living . nna stated to Pennye that Adam was related to Paskiewicz but didn't know anything else.
  Alexander GRIZDIS b 1902 PA  m 1926, d 1 Jul 1976 Plymouth PA;  Mother Tongue: Lithuanian  Coal Breaker in 1920  deceased
  Mary MILLER  b 1905 PA  d Dec 1985 Plymouth PA.
  Francis GUSTAS  b 1929
  Helen GUSTAS  b 1927
  Gerald J. GUSTAS b 1942, res Franklin St, Plymouth, PA  
  Nancy G. ---- b 1944    There is a Nancy Gustas in Plymouth PA active in a church on Franklin Street.
  Susan E. GUSTAS   b 1973
  James "Jimmy"John  GRIZDIS  b 3 Jan 1931 Plymouth, PA, m 30 Jun 1956   res California - Worked on family history a bit sometime back
  Verna (Vera) (Veronica) GRIZDIS b 1906 PA  Mother Tongue: Lithuanian, In PA 1910 Census, working in silk mill.1920 Census
  Eva (Evelyn) GRIZDIS b 1901 PA  Mother Tongue: Lithuanian   Emp at Hosery Mill 1920
  Mary GREZDAS b 1902 PA  Mother Tongue: Lithuanian  Emp at Silk Mill 1920;  In PA 1910 Census at home- 1920 at Hanover with mother and family as Mrs. Mary Chase, a widow at 27 years. WORKSHEET: 1910 Census- Mary sister and Mary niece.    Dau born 1902 PA         Niece: b 1892 "Russia" Came to USA 1907 at age 15   1930 Census- Mary Chase listed a dau. age 27 
  Mr. CHASE    d bef 1930
  FEMALE GRIZDIS  (not Regina  that is on Zenko line). born in Poland
  John PASZKIEWICZ  b abt 1852 in Vilna "Russia" or "Poland"    Mentioned on Ignacy's (SR) Death Certficate. 
  Lt. Igantz (Ignacy) PASZKIEWICZ 
#1 Maria PETROVNA   m Ignatz while he was in the army. 
 #2          Maryana (Mary Anna) ZENKO  Daughter of Peter Zenko and Regina Grizdis
adam g worksheet

1880    No

1900   Adam Gruzdzis Martha Plymouth Ward 8, Luzerne, Pennsylvania abt 1862 Russia White Head   

1910    Adams Grezdas Martha Plymouth Ward 13, Luzerne, PA abt 1862 Russia Head

1920    Adam Grusdas  Martha Plymouth Ward 13, Luzerne, Pennsylvania abt 1862 Lithuania White Head

Pa 1910 Miracode Index  Adam Girzuas 48 W Russia Luzerne, Plymouth

1930    No



YEAR           SOURCE
1889          1930 CENSUS
1891          1910 CENSUS
1899          1900 CENSUS
1900          1920 CENSUS   1904 NAT. 
1889          1910 CENSUS
1888          1900 CENSUS
1888          1920  CENSUS         1904 NAT.     

Gabzer   NONE
Girzuas NONE
Grezdas NONE
Grusdas NONE
Gruzdzis NONE
Gustas NONE

Grazdas       Grazdis   Grazdes        Grazdus

Grezdas      Grezdis                                Grezdus

Grizdas        Grizdis

Grozdas      GROZDIS 

Gruzdas       Gruzdis                              Gruzdus

note - to place Stella GRUZDAS Birth Date: 26 Dec 1921  Death Date: Feb 1996  res MA; Kazys GRUZDAS Birth Date: 22 Mar 1910 Death Date: 15 Aug 1987 res MA; Ruth GRUZDAS Birth Date: 12 Aug 1927 Death Date: Feb 1990 res AL;   1920 Census: John Gruzdis [John Greizdis]  Union, New Jersey   Estimated birth year: abt 1887 Birthplace: Lithuania Relation to Head of House: Boarder Father's Birth Place: Lithuania Mother's Birth Place: Lithuania Marital Status: Single Race: White Year of Immigration: 1913; Kazimer Gruzdis, 1930 Census boarder- b 1872 Lith, res Pittsburgh; Frank Gruzdis & Narte 1930 Census b 1905 res Franklin Il; Leo & Katherine GRUZDIS, 1930 Census Chicago- children: Helen and Frank;  August Gruzdis 54 Amelia Gruzdis 38Annie Gruzdis 12 Joseph Gruzdis 1930 Chicago,


1. Ruth GRUZDAS - U.S. Social Security Death Index
Birth: 12 Aug 1927 State Where Number was Issued: Alabama Death: Feb 1990
2. Kazys GRUZDAS - U.S. Social Security Death Index
Birth: 22 Mar 1910 State Where Number was Issued: Massachusetts Death: 15 Aug 1987
3. Stella GRUZDAS - U.S. Social Security Death Index
Birth: 26 Dec 1921 State Where Number was Issued: Massachusetts Death: Feb 1996
4. Joseph GRUZDAS - U.S. Social Security Death Index
Birth: 31 May 1911 State Where Number was Issued: Michigan Death: 31 Oct 2004
5. Edward GRUZDAS - U.S. Social Security Death Index
Birth: 15 Sep 1909 State Where Number was Issued: Pennsylvania Death: 15 Feb 1997
6. Peter GRUZDAS - U.S. Social Security Death Index
Birth: 8 Jun 1908 State Where Number was Issued: Pennsylvania Death: 17 Jun 1997
7. Joe GRUZDAS - U.S. Social Security Death Index
Birth: 15 Dec 1885 State Where Number was Issued: Wisconsin Death: Jan 1973 

1910 Census
Name: Joseph Grozdas
Home in 1930: Pittston, Luzerne, Pennsylvania
Estimated birth year: abt 1890
Birthplace: Lithuania
Relation to Head of House: Head
Spouse's name: Eleanor
Household Members:
Name Age
Joseph Grozdas 40
Eleanor Grozdas 34
Peter Grozdas 14
Josephine Grozdas 12
Kazimer Grozdas 10
Joseph Grozdas 6
Mary Grozdas 4 3/12
Occupation, Education, Military Service, Rent/home value, Age at first marriage, Parents' birthplace

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Joseph Grozdas Eleanor Pittston, Luzerne, PA abt 1890 Lithuania Head
View Record
Eleanor Grozdas Joseph Pittston, Luzerne, PA abt 1896 Wife
View Record
Peter Grozdas Joseph,
Eleanor Pittston, Luzerne, PA abt 1916 Son
View Record
Josephine Grozdas Joseph,
Eleanor Pittston, Luzerne, PA abt 1918 Daughter
View Record
Kazimer Grozdas Joseph,
Eleanor Pittston, Luzerne, PA abt 1920 Son
View Record
Joseph Grozdas Joseph,
Eleanor Pittston, Luzerne, PA abt 1924 Son
View Record
Mary Grozdas Joseph,
Eleanor Pittston, Luzerne, PA abt 1926 Daughter


Elinor Nancy Graham
[Elinor Nancy Grazdis] 29 Jan 1951 Los Angeles FEMALE 1 Aug 1923 Massachusetts Kozloski - mother's maiden

LEAD  1910 Census: Anthony Gruzais [Anthoney Gruzuis]  Age in 1910: 32 Estimated birth year: abt 1878 Birthplace: Russia Relation to Head of House: Boarder Father's Birth Place: Russia Mother's Birth Place: Russia Home in 1910: Plymouth Ward 6, Luzerne, PAsylvania Marital Status: Single Race: White Gender: Male Year of Immigration: 1903

Edward Gruzdas 15 Sep 1909 15 Feb 1997 Chicago, Cook, Illinois
View Record
Joe Gruzdas 15 Dec 1885 Jan 1973 Racine, Racine, Wisconsin
View Record
Joseph Gruzdas 31 May 1911 31 Oct 2004 Putnam, Windham, Connecticut
View Record
Kazys Gruzdas 22 Mar 1910 15 Aug 1987 Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts
View Record
Peter Gruzdas 8 Jun 1908 17 Jun 1997 Plymouth, Luzerne, Pennsylvania
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Ruth M. Gruzdas 12 Aug 1927 Feb 1990 Hernando, Citrus, Florida
View Record
Stella I. Gruzdas 26 Dec 1921 Feb 1996 Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts






                 Mary Zenko. married Ignatz Paszkiewicz- She is below with children -One on left, Ignatious Paskiewicz, my grandfather, then Edna, Blanche




Ignatz Paszkiewicz and daughter Edna

Leads 1880 Census : John Giralis  Home in 1880: Plymouth, Luzerne, PA  Age: 50  Estimated birth year: abt 1830  Birthplace: Pol
Contact:     Patrick Paskiewicz
Teach college USA.  BA  Philosophy, MA English Drama and Literature EMU.  Born 1950, before Al Gore invented Internet. Peddling ny completed book to publishers, Who Murdered Nurse Florence Nightingale Shore?, an investigation into the unsolved murder of English army nurse, Miss Florence Nightingale Shore, goddaughter and relative of Miss Florence Nightingale.  
Battled some renal cell carcinoma , but have good prognosis. Next project may look at another person on my tree, early feminist/ adventurer/explorer/writer Patricia Elizabeth Ramsay Laye. 




LAYE FAMILY UK  Connected by Marriages or Reference

EMILY LAYE   Dau of Major Francis Fenwick Laye, grand daughter of Lt. General Francis Laye

DIXON BROWN   Northumberland UK ,  Margaret Brown married Lt. General Francis Laye 1803.

AIREY of Northumberland  Lt. General Francis Laye married Mary Airey 1803    Also GILPIN, GOODEN, MULCASTER, BEDFORD (BEDFORDE), BARKUS, LAYE         

GILLMAN of  Portsmouth  LT COL BERTIE CUNYNGHAME DWYER married Beryl Maud Gillman c 1907.
ANDERSON  NICHOLSON  Northumberland  From Laye/Airey/Barnes Line
 GUY BURGESS    Spy for KGB  LT COL BERTIE CUNYNGHAME's sister-in-law, -Evelyn Gillman.,was the mother of this double agent.

  CLAVERINGS and FENWICKS   Northumberland,  From Laye/Airey/Barnes Line

Who Muurdered Nurse Florence Nightingale Shore   My book project

GREY Northumberland  Laye/Airey/Barnes/Clavering/

CASHER      Family of Beryl Maud Gillman - A Casher did the research, and I am merely posting it for him.

GILPIN Northumberland  Northumberland,  From Laye/Airey/Barnes Line 

FLORENCE  NIGHTINGALE:  SMITHS Her maternal side: For studying the Shores or Nightingale Studies  

BEDFORDE  BEDFORD   Durham, UK From Laye/Airey Line

FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE: THE SHORE FAMILY  Norton Hall, Sheffield of Norton Hall. 

General Thomas Peard Dwyer  Detailed Career


 Lt. General Francis Laye     Major General Joseph Henry Laye I    Major General Joseph Henry Laye II    Detailed Careers

PRINCE Essex, Ontario   Tied to ways: GG Grandmother Emily Laye married John Prince, grandson of Col John Prince, and her dau, Mary Anne Dwyer married the Hon. Albert Prince, M.P- the son of Col. Prince. (Yes, that's right).


HON COLONEL JOHN PRINCE, M.P.  A character. Reputed to be illegitimate son of an actress and William IV, notorious for killing American prisoner's of war in the Battle of Windsor. Detroiters put a price on his head. Popular in Windsor.

LT COL BERTIE CUNYNGHAME DWYER   Bertie won Grand National in 1887. "Bertie Dwyer, an English boy of 14  . . . did the fastest time of the race, the only rider to break the two minute barrier with 1 minute 58.6 seconds . . . [A] truly remarkable effort for any rider let alone a 14 year old" (23 The Cresta Run 1885-1985).


INSPECTOR WM BLENNERHASSETT DWYER   Detroit Police Inspector  Very incomplete  
KENNY  County Kerry, Ireland  Also, DWYER, TENT (BROWNE), COURTHROPE, HOARE DEAN PITT  Connected in two way. General J.H. Laye senior married Emelia Dean-Pitt, and Ensign George Sinclair Laye married Amy Selina Nugent, dau of Charlotte Marcia Dean-Pitt.
BUTTERFIELD / SIMPSON AND DUCKETT    LANCASHIRE and BOND E. P. Ramsay-Laye author/feminist pen name: Isobel Massary  4 books, articles, such as "Women and Careers" in Englishwoman Review, 9, (Apr 1878) p 96  -Arguing desirability of married women having careers.

Blennerhassett Kerry   From Dwyer/Hoare  Also  CONWAY, LYNNE, CRUMPE, O'CONNOR, HOARE, DWYER

LAYE Surname Study UK    For Genealogical Reference for all Layes



KEENAN Detroit/ Ontario  Sarah Keenan married my gg grandfather, St. Hugh Simpson Gerald Toulmin Dwyer in Detroit in 1895.

LETTERS OF MARY AIREY LAYE  Letters written by Lt. General Francis Laye's widow, pestering Lord Somerset, later Ragland, for an Ensignacy for her son. Letters to others, like Lord Hill and the Marchioness Winchester.
TOULMIN   London and LANCASHIRE, Mary Anne Toulmin Married to General Thomas Peard Dwyer 11 Apr 1839, Old Church, Saint Pancras, London    Includes: BECKETT, SIMPSON, DWYER, HARRISON, TALBOTT, DWYER CUNYNGHAME Photo Album
WALSH -Meath Ireland    Married to Laye Family Anne Maria Teresa WALSH married Emily Laye's father, Major Francis Fenwick Laye 28 Oct 1835 in Newbridge, Colpe Church County Meath, Ireland CUNYNGHAME Connection is on English branch of family. Captain Robert Hoare Dwyer married  Caroline Georgina Thurlow CUNYNGHAME
HOARE   Kerry  Cork   Connected by Robert Dwyer, father of General Thomas Peard Dwyer marrying Mary Hoare, 1744 Tralee, Kerry.   Also KENNY, DWYER, BLENNERHASSETT, BURNELL, GILPIN, NOTT, WOODCOCK, KELLEY RAMSAY Scot. Eng India   Connection is Major Francis Fenwick Laye married Elizabeth P Ramsay
OGLE Northumberland    Laye/Airey/Barnes/Clavering/Grey ASCENSION ISLAND Mini & partial hist of the RM commandants by Comm (General) T.P. Dwyer
PATERNAL ----  PASKIEWICZ   Plymouth PA/Vilna and Starynki, Russia (Старынкі ). DWYER Surname Study Detroit For Genealogical Reference for all Dwyers
PATERNAL ----  GRIZDIS   and many other spelling  Plymouth PA/Vilna  
PATERNAL---   MIKOLAYESKI  Plymouth PA/Russia/Poland PATERNAL ----  ZENKO   Plymouth PA/Vilna, Olita 
PATERNAL--   SINKIEWICZ or SINKCAVAGE Plymouth PA/Lithuania PATERNAL ---  RUZANTIS   Plymouth PA/Suwalki