Alexander’s youngest child, Lauderdale, married her cousin Sir James Horn Burnett of Leys, 10th Baronet, as his second wife.
Sir Herbert Ramsay, 5th Baronet of Balmain, immigrated to Australia where he married in 1902. His grandson, Sir Alexander William Burnett Ramsay, born in 1937 in New South Wales, Australia, is the current (7th) Baronet of Balmain as well as the heir presumptive of the dormant Baronetcy of Burnett of Leys
  Sir Thomas BURNETT, 6th Baronet of Leys  son of William and Jean Burnett b abt 1708 d May 1783  -Burnetts back to 1292 
  Lady Katherine RAMSAY , Heiress of Balmain    Daughter of Charles RAMSAY and Katherine MILL: b Abt 1728 Balmain, Kincardine, Scot; m 31 Aug 1754 Cont., Montrose, Angus, Scot; d 10 Dec 1798; In 1754, by provisions in the marriage contract, Sir Thomas BURNETT became heir of the Ramsays of Balmain after the death in 1806 of Sir Alexander RAMSAY, 6th Baronet of Balmain (Katherine’s brother) who left no heirs. Since Thomas’ elder son Robert succeeded to Burnett of Leys, the Balmain title and estates passed to his younger son Alexander Burnett. Source: THE RAMSAYS OF BALMAIN http 
  Catherine BURNETT  b Abt 1759 Leys, Kincard
  Alexander FORBES m 1785
  William BURNETT  b Abt 1762 Leys, Kincard, Scot, d Abt 1839
  Thomas  BURNETT  b Abt 31 Jul 1757  Leys, Kincard, Scot,  Twin to Alexander
  Robert BURNETT succeeded to Burnett of Leys,   b 20 Dec 1755
  Margaret Dalrymple ELPHINSTON  m 16 Sep 1785
  Thomas BURNETT  b 22 Aug 1788 d 16 Feb 1849 Crathes Castle
  Alexander BURNETT  b 17 Dec 1789  d 20 Mar 1856
  Sir James Horne BURNETT, 10th Baronet of Leys  cousin of Lauderdale, b: 22 JUN 1801 m 12 JUL 1837 d 17 SEP 1876
m1 Caroline SPEARMAN  b
a* Thomas BURNETT   b 27 Nov 1840      AlSO LISTED BELOW
  Mary Elizabeth CUMINE b: 20 Nov 1842 d 8 Nov 1928, m 2 Jun 1875 St Andrews Church, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
  James Lauderdale BURNETT b 1 Apr 1880 Rattray House, Peterhead,  
  Sybil Aird Crozier b 25 Nov 1889, m 10 Jul 1913, d: 6 Apr 1960 
  Thomas Gilbert BURNETT b 17 Apr 1914  d 17 Mar 1934
  Elizabeth Rohays BURNETT b 30 Aug 1916 d 17 May 1993 Crathes Castle
  Hon Henry CECIL  d Dec 1942 in North, Africa, m 15 Dec 1938 in St Margarets, Westminster, London, England
  Alexander Edwin BURNETT   b 26 Apr 1881 Rattray House, Crimond Parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland d 9 May 1959 Sussex Eng
  Robert BURNETT b 28 Aug 1833 d 15 Jan 1894 Crossburn House, East Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland
  Matilda Josephine MURPHY  b abt 1835 New York, m abt 1864, d 25 Apr 1888
  James Lauderdale BURNETT  b abt 1874 d abt 1874
m2 b* Hon. Lady Lauderdale BURNETT RAMSAY b Abt 1811 Balmain, Perth, Scot,   D 4 Nov 1888 47 Heriot Row, Edinburgh,  m 12 Jul 1837  AlSO LISTED BELOW      Previously married to David DUNCAN m 10 JUL 1832
  Sir Thomas BURNETT 12th Bt. b: 27 NOV 1840
  Margaret BURNETT  b 17 Sep 1876 d 17 Jan 1828
  Thomas BURNETT RAMSAY  b 24 Feb 1786  m 28 Apr 1826
  Thomas BURNETT RAMSAY  b 1828 d 1856
  SIR ALEXANDER BURNETT, Later RAMSAY 1st Bt of Balmain  b 30 JUL 1757,  son of Thomas BURNETT 6th Bt of Leys, Sheriff of Kincardineshire, died 17 May 1810 Clifton, and of Catherine RAMSAY  Became Sheriff of Kincardineshire in 1779.Assumed the name Ramsay by royal license (as well as arms by warrant of the Lord Lyon) and was created a Baronet of the United Kingdom in 1806 as Sir Alexander Ramsay of Balmain. He and his wife Elizabeth Bannerman of Elsick had 15 children. Alexander died in 1810. Source: THE RAMSAYS OF BALMAIN http
  Hon. Lady Elizabeth BANNERMAN   d 11 Dec 1844 in Edinburgh, Scotland,  m 14 Oct 1782. dau of Alexander BANNERMAN, Bt.
  Hon. Captain Robert Burnett RAMSAY  14th Regt of Foot, b 27 FEB 1787  d 20 DEC 1846  Captain - 14th Regiment of Foot
  Margaret CRUIKSHANK   b About 1796 dau of Patrick Cruickshank of Strathcathro, Scotland d 8 Jan 1880.  m 23 Jun 1817 Dun Parish Church, Angus, Scotland.
  Elizabeth Patricia RAMSAY  b 1832  d Lee Priory  d 1932   m 1877 dsp  Writer, early feminist, pen name: Isobel Massary
  Major Francis Fenwick LAYE   Son of Lt. Gen. Francis LAYE  Children from prev marriage See Laye History
  Emily LAYE  b IOM   d  1896 Detroit, MI USA as Emily PRINCE - remarried John PRINCE,
  William Simpson Brown Blennerhassett DWYER b Portchester   d  Detroit   divorce
  Christian RAMSAY  Christian Ramsay of Lee Priory- had ad out in 1880 
Alexander RAMSAY b: 3 DEC 1823 Angus, Scotland, d 20 OCT 1857
Marmaduke  RAMSAY b 03 OCT 1834 Christening: 01 NOV 1834 Old Church, Saint Pancras, London, England  parents Robert Ramsay & Margaret  d 1865 in Australia  Some Australian Adventures http; 
Robert BURNETT RAMSAY   b 19 MAR 1818 in Calcutta, India,  Res of Howletts, Bekesbourne, d 5 Jul 1910; 1881 Census: London, 1891 Census: at Bridge in Kent, Had a sheep farm in Darling Downs in a house called "Eton Vale," Returned to England 1883, Prev served in the Queensland Parliament from 1867 to 1877, being Treasurer from 1870-1871 and minister without portfolio from 1871-1874.
Honourable Susan CARNEGIE b 1828 Scotland, m 18 APR 1855 London;1881 Census: London, 1891 Census: at Bridge in Kent,  dau of William Fullarton Lindsay Carnegie, of Spynie and Boysack and the Right Honourable Lady Jane Christian CARNEGIE,  4th Dau of the Earl of Northesk; 1861 Census in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire d 17 Feb 1906 at Howletts House, Ickham (Kent).
  Unknown Female RAMSAY d 1856 died in infancy
  Helen Margaret RAMSAY b: 6 MAR 1857    
  Robert Henry RAMSAY b: 1 SEP 1858 d 1859
  Alfred William Louis RAMSAY b 7 Nov 1859  d 1874   In 1861 Census as infant in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
  Marmaduke ("Francis") Francis [E.L.] James RAMSAY b: 8 DEC 1860 Cheltenham, Gloucester, England, eldest son, 1881 Census: London, Cambridge University, Trinity College,  d 31Dec 1947 at Lee Priory Cremation: 5 JAN 1948 after a service at Ickham Church, Sometime a sheep-farmer in Queensland, Australia.  Subsequently of Lee Priory, near Canterbury. J.P. for Kent. Played for Marylebone Cricket Club, Queensland, Known as "Francis".  1861 Census as infant in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Partner Ramsey Bros.
  Alice Katherine Angelique WATERFIELD b: MAR 1868  Hastings, d 1951; m 6 JUN 1895 in The Cathedral, Canterbury, dau of Ottiwell Charles Waterfield, Hackington near Canterbury, and Ada Julia Candy. 
  Dorothy Christian RAMSAY b: 15 JUN 1896 in Queensland, d    , served in WWI - 22nd E.E. Voluntary Aid Detachment
Captain John (Jack) Marmaduke Ramsay 2nd att 10th Bn. the Rifle Brigade, b.5 SEP 1897 in Queensland Australia,  d.13 APR 1917, Entered Sandhurst AUG 1915, Died from Wounds received 3 Apr 1917  bu Bray Military Cemetery.  (Photo courtesy of David Scrutton).
Robert Ottiwell Ramsay b 1 JUN 1900 in Queensland, Australia, d 1996 
  Constance Aileen German m 24 Feb 1937; 
Edith Margaret Ramsay b 16 Jun 1901; d.1991
  Charles Hamilton Boucher  m 25 Feb 1926
Helen Prudence Ramsay b 19 Oct 1907 in Queensland, Australia,  youngest dau of Mr. & Mrs M.F. Ramsay of  Lee Priory, Littlebourne. m Jun 5 1926. d Mar 1992 in London, England
Henry Eric Southey Harben b 1 Aug 1900 in Ward Hill, Farnham, Surrey, son of Henry Devenish Harben and Agnes Helen Bostock m 5 Jun 1926 divorced, d 1 Oct 1971 Malta  (Click on above name for Southey Page)
  Henry Peter Bostock HARBEN b 1927
  Joanna HARBEN, b. 1931
  Frances Marion  (Molly) Ramsaydau of Mr and Mrs M.F. Ramsay LP   d 1952
  Noel Urquhart Vidal Scruttonm Jan 1927.
  Duncan RAMSAY b: ? Military Service: Served in WWI - "Remounts Regiment"
  Robert Christian RAMSAY, J.P., b 20 December 1861, Cheltenham, Gloucester, England   Educated at Harrow and Cambridge University, Trinity College,  Partner Ramsey Bros.,  1881 Census: London,  d 25 June 1957, Howletts, Bekesbourne, Kent Played on Cambridge's Cricket team, A sheep-farmer in Australia.. Kent Flying Club. 
2 Olive [C.] ZILLAH VOSS b 1887, 2nd dau of W. W. Voss, Penrice Queensland, Aust m Oct 1907children  d 24 Dec 1957 
  Susan ("Betty") Mabel RAMSAY  b 26 Sep 1908 Bekesbourne,  d  1964
1 John Wood HOMER  b 1907  d 1943
  Peter John HOMER   b 1934  res Caloundra, Queensland, Australia
2 John Patrick WELLS     On their coffee plantation in Kenya at the height of the Mau-Mau uprising there, panicked and murdered Betty with a gun before killing himself purportedly to avoid being killed by the Mau-Maus.
  Cdr. Alexander ("Alec") Robert RAMSAY. D.S.C., R.N.V.R.  b 1910 d 2004  Distinguished wartime career during which time he won the DSC and bar, and then went to what was then Rhodesia after the War to farm tobacco and cattle. Left for Austsralia after situation turned bad there: Adelaide and then to Queensland 
  Helen McGregor SHAW d  2007 Australia
  Dr. Colin Robert RAMSAY, Ph.D. b 1945  doctorate in geology
  Celia Grace  RAMSAY b. 7 Aug 1947,
  Alexandra Fleur RAMSAY , b. 7 Aug 1955
  Nora ("Honor") Honor RAMSAY b 1911  d ?   res Kent
  Kenneth Arthur William JOHNSTON, d. 1906,
  Dr. Alistair ("Jonathan") Jevon JOHNSTON b 14 Mar 1933
  Raymond ("Ian") Ian JOHNSTON  b 1 Apr 1935
  Duncan ("Rod") Rodney JOHNSTON  6 May 1939-April 2005,
  Norman Ian RAMSAY b 10 Jul 1915 Brisbane d 2 Sept 1934  died  in a "treasure hunt" from the sky-, Kent Flying Club Mowletts, Canterbury, Kent  Ref 5 Sep 1934 Times;
  Olive ("Joan") Joan RAMSAY b 1916   d ?
  Eric Comyn BOUCHER, 1903-1981 Successful businessman  res Kent
  Angus Comyn BOUCHER, b 15 May 1949
  Esther ("Dawn")  Dawn BOUCHER, b 22 May 1951
  Vanessa Jane BOUCHER, b 27 Sep 1954
  Diana Patricia RAMSAY b 9 Jun 1918  Brisbane, Australia  d 6 Jun 1952. Distinguished wartime career as a ferry pilot which tragically ended in an aeroplane crash. Although she was not killed, she was left deeply changed emotionally. It's thought by many family members that depression brought on by that crash in England caused her to take her own life a few years later in Australia. Buried in Lismore Cemetary in northern New South Wales.
  David Malcolm RAMSAY   24 Jul 1924-4 Oct 1995 was first a tea-planter with his brother Alec in East Africa after the war, and then an agricultural engineer specialising in soil injection in Lincolnshire England.
  Joan Esme MURPHY
  Alan David RAMSAY b. 21 Feb 1951;  Lived in Australia since 1971, and in Adelaide since 1981. Own and run a hot air ballooning business in South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania
  Rev. James Anthony RAMSAY, b. 14 Sep 1952 Anglican priest in London
  Oliver Dermot RAMSAY, b 14 Jul 1954, near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  Malcolm Robert RAMSAY, b 19 Nov 1956  single, Navenby, near Lincoln, England.
  Agnes (Mabel) Mabel Alice RAMSAY eldest dau b  1863, d Dec 8, 1928 East Bridge House Bridge, near Canterbury  dsp  Estate in 1929 of worth 25,000  pounds Times
  Amy Susan RAMSAY  b 1865  d 1870
  Edward Lauderdale RAMSAY, b: 27 MAR 1865 in Five Dock, Sydney, Australia, d 6 DEC 1941 in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, bu 1941 Toowomba Cemetery, Racehorse Breeder and sheep farmer.
  Nina (Maria) Mary RAMSAY b: 20 JAN 1867 Queensland, Australia, d 25 Dec 1948 aged 81 East Bridge House Bridge, near Canterbury dsp 1881 Census: London, 1891 Census: at Bridge in Kent, 1901 Census: Kent Visiting Miss Judith Boothby with sister Edith    dsp
  Arthur Douglas RAMSAY b: 1 APR 1868  Aust   d 1952
  Winifred TURNER d 3 Dec 1979   M 9 JUL 1914
  Michael RAMSAY
  Susan Patricia RAMSAY only dau of Mr & Mrs A.D. Ramsay East Bridge  
m1 Major Sir Francis Head, Bt  1949.  Engagement in Times, not pos married
m2 Mr. SHAW 
  Lt. Norman Ian RAMSAY  b 1869,     In 1881 Census: London, Partner Ramsey Bros. KILLED in France in 3 SEP 1916 in Action , according to Who's Who in Aust bio on his brother Robert.
  Edith Patricia RAMSAY  b 1871 Queensland  d Nov 21 1943- at Kintrockat ref 24 Nob 1943 Times notice.  1881 Census: London, 1891 Census: at Bridge in Kent, 1901 Census: Kent Visiting Miss Judith Boothby with sister Nina 
  William John KNOX M 8 Sep 1904
  Winifred Alexander Bannerman RAMSAY b 1875  d 7 Jan 1880  dsp
b* same as above Hon. Lady Lauderdale BURNETT RAMSAY  B 1803 Leys & Crathes Castle, Kincard, female d 4 NOV 1888   LISTED ABOVE AS WELL
m1 David DUNCAN m 10 JUL 1832         LISTED ABOVE AS WELL
m2 Sir James Horne BURNETT, 10th Baronet of Leys  cousin of Lauderdale, b: 22 JUN 1801 m 12 JUL 1837 d 17 SEP 1876   LISTED ABOVE AS WELL
  Sir Thomas BURNETT 12th Bt. b: 27 NOV 1840  LISTED ABOVE AS WELL
Captain Thomas BURNETT RAMSAY b: 24 FEB 1786, d 17 DEC 1857, In 1841 Scottish Census res Banchoryloage, Banchory Ternan, Kincardineshire.  Brother of Robert above- married sisters..
m1 Jane (Jean) CRUICKSHANK m 9 Nov 1816  dau of Patrick Cruickshank of Strathcathro, d NOV 1823
  James RAMSAY b: ab 1815 Occupation "M. S." In 1841 Scottish Census
  Captain William BURNETT RAMSAY b: 11 APR 1821 Fetteresso, Kincardineshire; In 1861 Census res: Banchory Lodge "Formerly Captain In The Army & Licent Colin Militia"  d bef 1871
  Margaret BURNETT b: Abt 1792 m 28 APR 1826   PROBLEM - ANNE LOOKS LIKE WIFE IN CENSUS -UNLESS THESE ARE NOT HIS CHILDREN b: abt 1825 Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire; In 1861, 1871 Census
  Catherine RAMSAY b: ab 1826 In 1841 Scottish Census, list as "Miss Catherine Ramsay"
  Major Thomas BURNETT RAMSAY  b: 29 MAR 1862 Banchory, Kincardineshire; In 1871 Census; In 1901 Census at Woolwich   Rifle Brigade Mounted Infantry  He died of dysentery at Elandsfontein, December 20th, 1901. He was the only son of Colonel William Burnett Ramsay, Rifle Brigade, of Banchory Lodge, Banchory, a grandson of the first baronet of Balmain. Major Ramsay was born in March 1862, and educated at Haileybury College. He entered the 5th Lancers in August 1884, was transferred to the Rifle Brigade the following October promoted Captain November 1892, and Major October 1901. Major Ramsay served with the Burmese Expedition, 1886-88, receiving the medal with clasp. He was adjutant of his battalion March 1872 to December 1894, and adjutant of the 5th battalion April 1897 to April 1901, when he proceeded to South Africa and was appointed to the Mounted Infantry.
  Frances Mary BURNETT RAMSAY  b: ab 1856 Banchory Ter, Kincardineshire, In 1861, 1871 Census
  Wilhelmina Margaret BURNETT RAMSAY  b: ab 1860 Banchory Ter, Kincardineshire, In 1861, 1871 Census, d 1889 Kensington. dsp
  Katherine Jane RAMSAY  b: ab 1857 Banchory Ter, Kincardineshire, In 1861 In 1861, 1871, 1901 Census (single)
  Anne Elizabeth B. RAMSAY  b: ab 1859 Banchory Ter, Kincardineshire, In 1861 Census In 1861, 1871 Census
m2 Margaret BURNETT m 28 APR 1826
  Thomas BURNETT RAMSAY b: 1828
  Dean Edward Bannerman BURNETT-RAMSAY, B.A., M.A., LLD, b 31 JAN 1793 in Aberdeen, Scotland, d 27 DEC 1872, Dean of Edinburgh 1841, Cambridge University, College: St. John's, Successfully advocated the removal of the barriers between the Scottish Episcopal Church and the English Church.Associated with Gladstone in the foundation of Trinity College, Glenalmond. Author, Memoir of Dr Chalmers; Christian Doctrine of the Eu charist; Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character; Diversities of Christian Character; Christian Life; Lectures on the Genius of Handel; Pulpit Table Talk; Letter on distinct Reading and Preaching; etc
  Isabella COCHRANE m 1829,  D 1858 dau. of Robert Cochrane, of Halifax, Nova Scotia
  Marmaduke Ramsay, M.A. b 1795, bap 3 JUL 1795 Fettercairn, Kincardine, Scotland, d 1 JULY 1831 in Perth, Scotland, Cambridge University, Jesus College, Fellow, dsp
  Elizabeth Burnett RAMSAY, b 17 SEP 1783 in Edinburgh, Scotland,
  Alexander Renny TAILYOUR, m 7 APR 1808 Manager, Montrose Lunatic Asylum, Infirmary, and Dispensary, d bef 1891
  Major Thomas R. TAILYOURb abt 1812 England, res Montrose, Angus, Dubton House, Scotland, In 1881: Brev Major R E Retired Lise I P
  Isabella E. R. - - - - -  -  b 1820 England In 1881 Census, In 1891 at Dubton House,
  Harry Waugh Renny TAILYOURb ab 1850 India in 1871 Census: The School of Military Engineering
  Edward R. R. TAILYOURb ab 1851, MO, East Indies 1871, as Lodger In 1861 as student
  Louisa J. S. K. TAILYOURb ab 1858 Montrose, Forfarshire, In 1881 Census, In 1891 at Dubton House, single,
  Cadet Thomas T. B. Renny TAILYOURb ab 1864 Scotland. In 1881: Royal Military Academy, Woolwich.
  Helen RAMSAY, b 24 APR 1791, bap 12 MAY 1791 Fettercairn, Kincardine, Scotland
  Rear Admiral Sir William RAMSAY, K.B. b 1796 d 3 DEC 1871 in Edinburgh, Scotland, "Times" Page: Wednesday, Dec 06, 1871
  Catherine RAMSAY,
  Mary RAMSAY, b 1799 bapt 5 AUG 1799 Fettercairn, Kincardine, Scotland
  Isabella RAMSAY, b 11 DEC 1800, bap 11 DEC 1800 Montrose, Scotland
  Francis RAMSAY, b 11 DEC 1800, bap 11 DEC 1800 Montrose, Scotland
  Ensign Edwin Hewgill RAMSAY, 2nd Bombay European Regt, b 1804 in Fettercairn, Kincardine, Scotland, d 10 DEC 1826 in Buhj, Cutch, India, Cambridge University -Jesus College,  
  SIR ALEXANDER RAMSAY 2nd Baronet Ramsay of Balmain  b: 14 FEB 1785 in Edinburgh, Scotland, D 26 APR 1852
M2 Honourable Lady Elizabeth MAULE  b: 1796  Parents: Gen. Hon. William Ramsay MAULE of Brechin Castle, M.P. 1st Lord Panmure, and Patricia Heron GORDON   m 1822  (Is this really Elizabeth RAMSAY--
  Colonel Marmaduke Francis J. RAMSAY b 1837  Bologne, France  Bengal Army In 1871 Census Bathwick, Somerset w/ wife and children. Not in 1861 Census,
  Anna Maria F. INNES b 1840 India  m 14 APR 1858 India Office Ecclesiastical Returns-Bengal Presidency, India
  Fox Maule RAMSAY b: 3 APR 1860  d 21 NOV 1881
  Alexander Charles Marquis RAMSAY b: 27 JUL 1866
  Elizabeth Maule RAMSAY b: 10 SEP 1861
  Marmaduke Francis James RAMSAY  b: 18 FEB 1859 in Tullunbar, Punjab, India. d 25 DEC 1890 in Upper Norwood, London
Patricia RAMSAY
John De Courcy Andrew AGNEW m 14 MAY 1872
Georgina Harvey RAMSAY         
Robert John HAY m 20 APR 1861
Christina Maule RAMSAY  d 13 MAR 1873
Charles ELLIOT m 14 FEB 1859
Fox Maule RAMSAY b: 24 MAR 1824 d 15 MAR 1860
Sir George Dalhousie RAMSAY, C.B.  b: 23 MAY 1828  Scotland  Was personal sec to his uncle Lord Fox Maule Ramsay (Minister of War during the Crimean War, 2nd Lord Panmure and 11th Earl of Dalhousie).
Eleanor Juliat Charteris CRAWFORD b: ABT 1827 in At Sea (British Subject)
  Elizabeth E. RAMSAY b: ABT 1865
  Alexander Oswald Panmure RAMSAY b: 15 APR 1867  d 1897
  Edith Judith RAMSAY d 1945
  Barton Reginald Vaugham MILLS m 1894
Edward Bannerman RAMSAY b: 12 OCT 1826  d 26 DEC 1883
M1  Jane RUSSEL Married: 1 AUG 1811
  William RAMSAY b: 1814
  Sir Alexander RAMSAY, 3rd Bt.  b: 14 JAN 1813 d 3 MAR 1875
  Ellen Matilda ENTHWISTLE
Bertin RAMSAY b: 13 OCT 1850
Kate Graveraet KING m 1881
Hugh Francis RAMSAY b: 
Jane Marua SANDYS m 1868
  Alexander Entwistle RAMSAY b: 14 JAN 1837   4th Bt in 1875. 
  Octavia HAIGH m 1863
  Alexander Haigh RAMSAY b: 1 JAN 1866
  Sir Herbert RAMSAY 5th Baronet of Balmain b: 6 FEB 1868 d 22 MAY 1924
  Mabel HUTCHISON m 1902
Sir Alexander Burnett RAMSAY 6th Baronet of Balmain b: 26 MAR 1903
Living WHITNEY    Children
Herbert William Alexander RAMSAY b: 26 MAY 1907
Bessie BILLINGSBY m 1936    Children
  Arthur RAMSAY b: 9 JAN 1871
  Marion HOSKINSON m 1899
  Ellen Georgina RAMSAY
  Florence Augusta RAMSAY
  John Bertie Norreys ENTWISLE m 1919
Ellen Augusta RAMSAY
Ernest De S. Hamilton BROWNE
John RAMSAY b: 30 JUN 1843 d 1913 
Florence Mary HILTON  m 1876
  Francis RAMSAY b: 20 NOV 1815  d 1867
  Georgina Hay HOME
William Alexander RAMSAY b: 5 DEC 1848
Susan Newcombe MICHENER m 1873
Francis Farquarson RAMSAY b: 28 JUL 1855 d 1898   dsp
  Marianne Louisa Stapleton BARRY m 1895 
  Elizabeth RAMSAY
  John CARR m 1843
Mary RAMSAY  d 1890
Bruges LAMBERT m 1837



and these other flying Ramsays:

Record Name Birth Date Birth Location View Album Page View Index Card
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Alastair Stewart Ramsay 18 May 1907 Ipswich, Suffolk
View Record
Name: Alexander Robert Ramsay
Birth Date: 12 May 1910
Birth Location: Brisbane, Australia

Alexander Robert Ramsay 12 May 1910 Brisbane, Australia
View Record
Andrew Lawson Ramsay 29 May 1912 Invergowrie
View Record
Charles Stewart Ramsay 7 Feb 1889 Greenock

Francis George Mitchell Ramsay 26 Feb 1903 Edinburgh
View Record
Frank William Ramsay 10 Dec 1875 Rawal Pindi, India
View Record
Henry Ramsay 8 Aug 1916 London
View Record
Iain Ramsay 2 Sep 1906 Edinburgh
View Record
James Arthur Ramsay 6 Sep 1909 Maybole, Scotland
View Record
John Strachan Ramsay 31 Jul 1913 Aberdeen
View Record
Louis Ramsay 13 Oct 1915 Darjeiling
View Record
Norman Ian Ramsay 10 Jul 1915 Brisbane
View Record
Robert Christian Ramsay 20 Dec 1861 Cheltenham
View Record
Susan Mabel Christian Ramsay 26 Sep 1908 Bekesbourne
View Record
William Alexander Ramsay 21 Nov 1896 Norwich
View Record
William Alxander Ramsay 21 No

1701 Name: Alexander Ramsay Dates: 1701-1725 LOCATION: Balmain Scotland Title: Baronet, Sir Gender: Male Address: Address(Es): Balmain, Scotland Source Date: 1721 Source Info:  Subscribed to Poems (Vol. 1), 1721, RAMSAY, Allan. Edinburgh Subject: poetry


1881 Census
Lilian Ramsay abt 1870 Bareelly N W Prov, India Boarder (Ellenborough House) 163 Whiteladies Rd, Westbury On Trym, Gloucestershire, England
Marmaduke Francis Ramsay abt 1861 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England Son Dinder House, Dinder, Somerset, England
Mary Ramsay abt 1842 London, London, Middlesex, England Visitor No 27 Dollar St, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England
Noel B. Ramsay abt 1876 China Son 8 Queens Parade, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England                                   Norman Ramsay abt 1870 Australia Pupil Glyngarth, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Oliva Ramsay abt 1878 China Daughter 8 Queens Parade, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Rhoda B. Ramsay abt 1872 China Daughter 8 Queens Parade, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Robert Ramsay abt 1869 Bristol, Somerset, England Son 2 Church Lane, Bristol Temple, Gloucestershire, England
Robert Christian Ramsay abt 1862 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England Son Dinder House, Dinder, Somerset, England

To ID 
Miss Christian Ramsay  mentioned bridesmaid -  The Times, Tuesday, Jun 02, 1931
Miss M Ramsay 2nd dau of Mr. & Mrs Ramsay Lee Priory
Capt C. H. Boucher

 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation
 Robert RAMSAY   Head   M   Male   63   Calcutta   Landowner Australia 
 Susan RAMSAY   Wife   M   Female   53   Scotland    
 Marmaduke Francis RAMSAY   Son   U   Male   20   Cheltenham, Gloucester, England   Undergraduate Cambridge 
 Robert Christian RAMSAY   Son   U   Male   19   Cheltenham, Gloucester, England   Undergraduate Cambridge 
 Nina Mary RAMSAY   Daur      Female   14   Queensland   Scholar 
 Edith Patricia RAMSAY   Daur      Female   10   Queensland   Scholar 

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SOUTHEY FAMILY  (Married to Helen Prudence Ramsay)