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Trigger Valve Repair

This may be the most common repair that soakers generally need, so you should know how to do it in case one of your soakers has this problem (and if you use them a lot, they probably will). I know when I first tried this repair, I was frustrated because only 2 or 3 sites actually tell you how to do this. I hope I can help you find what you are looking for.

When your soaker needs this:
If you find that when you release the trigger after firing, the water does not stop, but keeps coming out the nozzle, then you need to do this repair.

What's happening:

What should be happening:

How to fix it:
1. You need to open your super soaker.
2. Pull your trigger a few times to see how the valve works.
3. Locate the spring that pulls the valve closed when the trigger is released. This spring is worn out and needs to be reinforced or replaced.
4. Pull and release the trigger, and then find out what needs to be pushed to completely close the valve (this is tough to explain). For example, if when you pull and release the trigger, you see that a piece of plastic is not moving completely back to its original position, push that piece to where it should be.
5. Now that you know what needs to be pushed to reinforce the spring, all you need to do is figure out a way to attach a few rubber bands onto that piece and anchor the other end on a stationary part of your soaker, like the nozzle or a screw (see pic).

Here's a picture of my argon. It only has a single rubber band on it because the other two had worn out and now need to be replaced.