Twelfth Night Revelerspicture of 12th Night parade.

The Lord of Misrule first appeared on January 6, 1870 in a pageant depicting a Twelfth Night Revel. Eighteen floats and cavalcades paraded. At the tableau ball, a great Twelfth-Cake was cut and sliced. Some passed the cake on spears. Others threw slices to ladies in the boxes. The Gold Bean, a King Cake tradition, was lost and the Lord of Misrule was without a queen.

In 1871, a masker representing Santa Claus appeared in the street pageant. He distributed favors to the crowd, thereby inaugurating the practice of throwing trinkets from parades. Theme: Mother Goose's Tea Party

At the ball, Revelers ate from a Twelfth-Cake cut by the Lord of Misrule. The Golden Bean was drawn by Emma Butler, who became the Queen of a Carnival Ball.

In 1872, both a gold bean and silver one were drawn. The Gold and Silver Beans feature was a new thing. Theme: English Humor

The parade of 1873 featured gorgeous costumes portraying Audubon's feathered world. Theme: The World of Audubon

After the 1874 parade and ball, the Twelfth Nighters disappeared for a year. Theme: Dolliana and Her Kingdom

In 1876, the parade was reported to be spectacular. It was the last parade of the original club. Theme: The March of Ages

In 1878, no parade was conducted. A ball was held, with Catherine Buckner as queen. This custom of putting on a ball only has been followed by several carnival organizations since. Theme: A Twelfth Night Revel

1879 through 1883 - no balls

The organization was reorganized and the ball of 1884 featured Queen Alice Herndon and seven maids. Theme: The Kingdom of Flowers

In 1885, the court included Blanche Moulton as Queen and three maids. Theme: Domino

In 1886, Fannie Milliken was the queen. No records exist of the maids.

In 1887, Queen Lelia Bohn reigned with eight maids. Theme: Domino

1888 - Nothing

1889 & 1890 - Reorganized as the King's Own Royal Guard, members appeared as an escort to the King of the Carnival on Mardi Gras day. Theme: King's Own Royal Guard

In 1891, apparently a Royal Tournament was held at the Fair Grounds the Friday before Mardi Gras. Stephen of the Iron Hand won, thereby naming his sponsor, Nina Bisland, queen. The ball held the Monday before Mardi Gras, saw Rex crown the victorious knight. Also participating was the King's Own Royal Guard. Theme: Scenes From the Crusades

The successors to the King's Own Royal Guard, the Argonauts, held the tournament in 1892. Five events were conducted. The knight Thesus, won. He chose his sponsor, Josephine Maginnis as queen. Theme: Argonauts Tableau Ball Theme: Theseus the Victor

In 1893, the Argonauts celebrated at a tableau ball and chose Louise Minor as queen. Theme: Argonauts Tableau Ball Theme: The Arrival of the Argo

The Twelfth Night Revelers became the central group of the club, and put a ball on Twelfth Night. The gold and silver bean tradition was resumed in 1894. Maskers led their partners to the King's cake prepared by the Royal Bakers. The Gold Bean was drawn by Fanny Eshleman, who got the queen's crown. Married ladies and widows were precluded from participating. This tradion continued. Themes: (1894) A Twelfth Night Revel, (1895) Les Incroyables (1896) That Orbed Maiden with White Fire Laden

1897 - Theme: The Chrysanthemum

1898 - Theme: Minstrels of the Olden Time

1899 - Theme: The Realm of the Butterflies

1900 - Theme: The Four Seasons

1901 - Theme: The Palace of the Water Nymphs

1902 - Theme: The Birthnight of the Hummingbird

1903 - Theme: Pierrot Domino

1904 - Theme: Harlequin

1905 - Theme: A Night in Japan

1906 - Theme: The Cave of Magic

1907 - Theme: The Realm of Peace

1908 - Theme: The Court of Misrule

1909 - Theme: The Revels of the Gems

1910 - Theme: The Garden of the Gods

1911 - Theme: The Battle of the Flowers

1912 - Theme: The Butterfly

1913 - Theme: The Origins and Quaint Customs of Twelfth Night

1914 - Theme: Peer Gynt

1915 - Theme: The Great Chan and the Fairy Se Wang Moo

In 1916, a policy existed to select younger members. The organization became the first club to hold the ball at the Athenaeum. Theme: The Myth of the Gilded Man

1917 - Theme: Sheik-Al-Jabal

1920 - Three Gold Beans were drawn and the crowning of three Queens was conducted. The first time a carnival organization has done this. Theme: Scraps

1921 - Theme: The Rock-A-Bye Lady

1922 - Theme: Snow Queen

1923 - Theme: Ayesha

1924 - Theme: Masques-Music

1925 - Theme: Mah Jongg

1926 - Theme: A Christmas Frolic

1927 -Theme: The Queen of Sheba Visits the Court of King Solomon

1928 - Theme: The Queen of Apia

1929 - Theme: The Spirit of Carnival

1930 - Theme: Princess White Rose and the Aurora Borealis

1931 - Theme: A Fantastic Dream

1932 - Theme: The Coronation of the Peacock

1933 - Theme: Pierrots

1934 - Theme: The Emperor's New Clothes

1935 - Theme: The Court of Henry VII

1936 - Theme: The Peace of the Roses

1937 - The Queen of Twelfth Night and the Court of Misrule of 1936 were presented at the Ball of the Mystic Club. The splendor of Guatemala was the theme. They represented the Emperor and Empress of India and their cortege at the Sapphire Durban Hall in Delhi. Theme: Twelfth Night in India

1938 - Theme: A Reminiscence of Lafcadio Hearn

1939 - Theme: Night Dance in the Valley

1940 - Theme: Rho-dope

1941 - Theme: The Realm of Neptunes Rex

1946 - The 75th anniversary saw the Lord of Misrule presented as honored guests the holders of Gold and Silver Beans for the war years: 1942, 1943, 1944 and 1945. Each queen had three maids. Theme: Bride of the Rain God

1947 - Theme: The Lord of Misrule Honors the Victors of his Royal Tournament

1948 - Theme: In a Persian Vineyard

1949 - Theme: Bells in Comedy

1950 - The eightieth anniversary of the first appearance of the Twelfth Nighters saw the queens of former celebrations who were escorted to the Royal Box by members of the King's Own Royal Guard. Theme: A Northland Saga

1951 - No presentation

1952 - Theme: A Phantasy of Precious Stones

1953 - Theme: The Garden of Hesperides

1954 - Theme: In a Coral Wonderland

1955 - Britain's Queen Visits Bonnie Scotland

1956 - Theme: In the Realm of Cloudland

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