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picture of a costumed wizardJoy, laughter, merriment, fun and everything else is what characterizes the Mardi Gras in New Orleans. For well over a hundred years this has been true. Babies bounce on shoulders while watching parades. School children rejoice in planning their costume as the season approaches. And school band directors lead their troops in practice. But where and how was Mardi Gras started? What is it?

Why is New Orleans the premier site of the celebration?

The Mardi Gras season precedes the Catholic period of Lent, where fasting and sacrifice is the focus. The forty day period of denial is a religious tradition dating back ages ago. Mardi Gras is just one last stab at overindulgence before Lent begins.

New Orleans has more parades, marching groups, celebrations and parties than all other Mardi Gras sites. From parades with 200 members to organizations with well over 2200 participants, New Orleans is it. Period.

For the two week celebration period, there are parades almost every night. Marching groups, such as the Jefferson City Buzzards, have been parading for almost one hundred years. Even the Mardi Gras Indians have been around for well over a half century. In 2004, a club called the Baby Dolls have come out of retirement. Don't believe me? Come see for your self. You'll see.

Welcome to my web site on Mardi Gras. This is a project of mine strictly for educational purposes. It is for students of mine to use as a supplement to their studies. Of course, everybody is welcome. So, sit back. Get your mouse, and click away.

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