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November 26, 2003
Episcopal Motto and Coat of Arms

A Pastoral Letter...

Divine Infant King Jesus, come down into our hearts!

The Holy Season of Advent

"To Restore All Things in Christ through Mary"

Dearly beloved in Christ,

Praised be Jesus Christ and Mary Immaculate Queen!

    As we enter into the holy Season of Advent, it is appropriate to remind ourselves of the purpose of this beautiful liturgical season, according to the mind of our Holy Mother the Church. Although surrounded by the somewhat noisy "Christmas rush" of the secular world around us, it is still possible for the devout Catholic to enter into the true Christian spirit of Advent during these short weeks preceding the feast of the Birth of Our Divine Lord. The spirit of this holy season is indeed one of joyful anticipation for this blessed Event, but it is also a time to "prepare the way of the Lord, to make straight His paths", that is, to properly dispose our hearts and adorn our souls for His coming. Such dispositions as are pleasing to Him are those we observe in the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose quiet and prayerful preparation for the Birth of Our Divine Lord continued even during the uncertainties of the last-minute journey to Bethlehem. Her serene example teaches us of the necessity of quiet prayer, meditation, and reflection, avoiding as much as possible the frantic materialism with which the joyful anticipation and tranquillity of this holy season has been fractured by the commercialism of our day. During that which is supposed to be a time of joyful and peaceful anticipation, we should avoid those distractions which would cause us to lose sight of the very purpose of our Advent—to prepare our hearts and souls for our Divine Infant King.

    To that end, we must rejoice in those observances in society around us which still do lift up our hearts with joy, as we await the promised Messiah. It is indeed a small wonder that so many of these Advent and Christmas customs have been preserved, and whatever the particular reason or motive in each instance, it can be said that they bring honor, each in its own measure, to the Advent of the Prince of Peace. It is for this reason that We have encouraged the Catholic faithful to attend the beautiful concerts held during the Season of Advent. As we listen with joy to the strains of the hymns and carols—many of them from the treasury of Holy Mother Church—our hearts are filled with repentance, love, and gratitude; precisely the dispositions we should bring to the Manger. And even where the production does not meet the high standards of a truly Catholic performance, can we not rejoice that—even in our day and age—mankind still, despite itself, makes ready for the coming of their Redeemer?

    But let us not forget, also, that the false maxims of the world cause it to abandon the Baby Jesus when He is scarcely born. It is our pious custom, as traditional Catholics, to spend the Twelve Days of Christmas (which begin on the Feast, December 25th and last until the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6th) unhurriedly purchasing gifts for our loved ones, decorating our homes, and sending out truly Christian greeting cards in celebration of Christ’s Birth (which we may liken to the announcements of a child’s birth after he is born). Let us not forget that we have heard "glad tidings of great joy!" A Savior has been born to us! While those around us may be tearing down their decorations and tossing out their trees, true Christians are just beginning their joyful celebration of the Christmas Season, which extends throughout the Season of the Epiphany and usually ends on the Feast of the Purification, Candlemas Day (February 2nd).

    As has always been the tradition in Catholic countries, the Feast of the Birth of the Divine Infant King should center on Him, not the embarrassing greediness of undisciplined children, whose misguided parents have replaced the adoration of the Christ Child with that of ‘Santa Claus’ (no relation to the glorious Bishop, St. Nicholas of Myra). After all, the very word ‘Christmas’ comes from the old English ‘Christ-Mass’, and the highlight of this Feast should be the solemn Mass chanted on Christmas night, and the beautiful procession of the Jesu Bambino in the Church. This to be followed by the traditional early breakfast on Christmas Morn in the home, the children’s procession with the little statue of the Infant lovingly carried to the family manger scene, while all sing carols with joyful hearts. Later in the day, final touches are happily placed on the decorations of the home and the Christmas tree. For this is the time to decorate and celebrate the Birth of Jesus; not to toss out our tree and forget Him!

    A word must be said of the tragic image of Christmas which has taken root in the minds and hearts of the young people of our faithless age. In Catholic countries it would have been unthinkable to displace the attention that should be given to honoring the Christ Child on the Feast of His Birth with the modern custom which focuses exclusively on giving gifts to others! How sad to see worldly children greedily tearing open their lavish presents on that day which should be reserved for giving all of our love and honor to the Divine Infant King! How perverse is the madness of the world which stimulates the spirit of greed in the hearts of the children during all those weeks when these little ones should be absorbed with the spirit of preparing their hearts for the coming of the Christ Child, and offering daily Advent sacrifices as their gifts to their Infant King! This is not to condemn the practice of giving gifts to those whom we love at this holy time. The sanctity of Christ’s day of Birth, however, was wisely preserved in Catholic countries by the traditional practice of giving gifts to the children and our loved ones on the Epiphany, January 6th, the Feast of the Three Holy Kings.

    It is true that the modernized church of Vatican II has adapted to the spirit of the world in this, as in everything else, and no longer preaches or adheres to the beautiful customs and practices We have spoken of here only briefly. But well We recall the salutary admonitions and exhortations in this regard by the priests and the nuns during the pontificate of Pope Pius XII. But now that the apostate clergy of the Vatican II sect have embraced the spirit of the world, is that not all the more reason for true Catholics to hold fast to the traditions of our Holy Faith?

    My dearly beloved in Christ, We urge you never to be led by the false maxims of the world, during the holy Season of Advent, or at any other time. Let us preserve the quiet, prayerful spirit of Advent in our hearts, our homes, and our families. Let us participate with joy in those celebrations and events which lift up our hearts and adorn our souls with dispositions of love, repentance, and gratitude.

"And the Word was made Flesh..."    And when that glorious Feast of His Holy Birth arrives, let us then celebrate with joyful hearts throughout the entire season of Christmas and the Epiphany! Let not the world outdo us in our proclamation to mankind of our joy at His Coming! During those weeks between December 25th and February 2nd, let our homes be lavishly decorated and brightly lighted with abundant Christmas lights. Let our hearts and voices sing out in joyous acclamation! Let us joyfully send out Christmas greetings proclaiming the momentous occasion of His Birth. Let us celebrate the seasons of Advent and Christmas as true sons and daughters of our Holy Mother the Church!

    May the prayerful anticipation of His Advent fill your hearts with the joyful expectation of His Immaculate Virgin Mother,

With our Episcopal blessing,
in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,

The Most Reverend Bishop + Francis Konrad Maria
Ordinary of the Ecclesiastical Province of Our Lady of Guadalupe

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