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November 26, 2003

"I have come to warn the faithful to AMEND their lives..."The Fatima Cell

In order to understand the critical urgency
of the Fatima Cell Program, we must ask,

Why did God create us?

Answer: To know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this life in order to be happy with Him forever in eternity.


Our primary obligation in life is to save our immortal souls by knowing, loving, and serving God. (Catechism)  All else must take second place.

  • Every Catholic has an obligation to grow daily in his knowledge of God in order to more perfectly love and serve Him.  It is impossible to serve God properly without knowing His holy Will.  And we are obligated to serve God, for only thus do we prove our love for Him.

  • A Catholic must use every means available to him to grow in that knowledge, love, and service of God: Holy Mass, the Sacraments, prayer, spiritual reading, penance, etc.

  • An ideal means of fulfilling this obligation of every Catholic is:

(under the patronage of Our Lady)

CATHOLIC ACTION--In Union With Our Lady

   * Prayer and Meditation
                                                        * Study and Discussion
                                                                    * Apostolic Action

What is a "Fatima Cell?"
A small group of Catholics who meet in their homes once a week to pray together; study, discuss, and learn better their holy Catholic Faith and their consecration to Our Lady; and resolve to better live their holy Faith and devotion to Our Lady through apostolic action.

You may meet as a "family Cell" also, or form a Fatima "youth Cell."  If you have no one else to participate, you may even follow the Fatima Cell program on your own.  It's that important!
What is a "Fatima Cell" meeting?
(1) Pray the Rosary together, monthly devotions, and a short meditation. 

(2) Study and discuss the topics listed, living our Holy Catholic Faith, living our Consecration to Our Lady, and the lives of the Saints (at least 15 minutes each).

(3) Make resolutions to better live the Faith and our consecration to Our Lady during the coming week. Closing prayers.     (meeting outline)

The Fatima Cell
Since 1960, Our Lady's own plan
for safeguarding our Precious Catholic Faith...

* An instrument of true spiritual renewal to bring about:

  • - self sanctification

  • - the conversion of sinners

  • - the salvation of souls

  • - true world peace

  • - the triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart

* THE FATIMA CELL is Our Lady's instrument for triumph over Socialism, Communism, Materialism, and the forces of antiChrist rapidly spreading across the face of the earth. ("Russia will be converted and my Immaculate Heart will triumph.")

* THE FATIMA CELL is Our Lady's plan for safeguarding our precious Catholic Faith in the midst of the current widespread modernist heresy and apostasy through an inspiring and effective program of:

                    STUDY and DISCUSSION
                                APOSTOLIC ACTION

* Our only hope to persevere in the midst of the present chaos and confusion and to withstand the present onslaught of the legions of Hell is to strengthen our Faith by:

  • - personal Total Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

  • - living and spreading the message of Fatima - the Peace Plan from Heaven

  • - coming together in a weekly Cell meeting of prayer, study, and apostolic action.


  • 2 to 10 or more members who promise to fulfill the requests of Our Lady of Fatima and to follow the Cell program in a weekly meeting of:

PRAYER: The Rosary, spiritual reading, meditation, Fatima Prayers.

STUDY and DISCUSSION: A monthly program is issued by the FATIMA CELL CENTER with topics for discussion on:
(a) Living our Consecration to Mary;
(b) living the message of Fatima;
(c) Catholic doctrine to strengthen our Faith; and
(d) Exposition of the errors and heresies of those forces which are destructive of the Faith.

APOSTOLIC ACTION: A spiritual outline for the promotion of Our Lady's requests, personal and family sanctification, the conversion of sinners, and the salvation of souls.

(a) FATIMA CELLS are required to spend at least one hour together each month in a group Holy Hour of Reparation, preferably before the Blessed Sacrament.

(b) Every Cell should send a list of the members, chairman, and regular reports of their meetings and projects to the FATIMA CELL CENTER (address below).

(c) A Cell program is available for YOUTH CELLS (grade school), ESPIRITU CELLS (high school & college), and adult FATIMA CELLS. Family Cells may use a combination of these three programs according to the ages of the children.

THE FATIMA CELL is Our Lady's solution for:

(a) Triumph over Communism, Socialism, Materialism, Modernism and all the forces of antiChrist. ("Russia will be converted and my Immaculate Heart will triumph.")

(b) Safeguarding our precious Catholic Faith in the midst of widespread confusion, heresy, and apostasy. ("Thou alone, O Mary, hast crushed all heresies.")

(c) True world peace ("War is a punishment for sin." "Tell everyone that God has entrusted the peace of the world to Mary's Immaculate Heart.")

Help hasten the reign of Christ our King and Mary our Immaculate Queen!

(Tomorrow may be too late!)

For further information, e-mail us at (

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