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November 26, 2003
The Prince of Peace


BE  TO  YOU...

The Most Reverend Bishop
+ Francis Konrad Maria

        One of the foremost concerns in our world today, as it has been throughout history, is the desire for peace. It would seem that in all times, and in every age, the deep longing of man for peace stands out in sharp contrast to the frequent struggles and wars in which mankind has been steeped, ever since that first tragic fall of Adam and Eve.

        And this longing for peace ~ is it not in reality a longing for Him Who created us? A longing to overcome the conflict between the spirit and the flesh which can be consummated only through complete union with Him Who is our beginning, our sustenance, and our end?

        The word peace seems to hold varied and different meanings, according to the diversity of prevalent philosophies. To some, 'peace' signifies only freedom from military or political warfare; to others, 'peace' is a material security to be sought, regardless of the cost or compromise of principle.

        And to yet others, peace is not an external commodity to be purchased at any price; it is rather something that exists in the heart and soul and mind of a man--something to be achieved, not by freedom from the restraints and disciplines of inherent necessity, but rather by the total submission of one's own will to the Divine Will.

        In every part of our world we see diverse and multiple efforts being made in the pursuit of "peace". Some place their hope for peace solely in the summit meetings of international politicians. Others look to the counter threat of military weapons as the sole maintainer of peace. Then there are those who, believing the mortal body to be more important than the immortal soul, prefer the 'peace' of submission to the slavery of Communism, world Socialism, or even Islamic tyranny, rather than the conflict necessary to preserve freedom.

        And still others, remembering the words of God's Holy Mother, that "Wars are a punishment for sin," look to the Peace Plan from Heaven, given to mankind in l9l7, and heed that holy Lady's pleas, by living a life of prayer, amendment of life, penance, and consecration, in reparation for the sins of the modern world.

        During this holy season, the true meaning of peace is made vivid by the Babe of Bethlehem. For to those who know the secret of true peace, the trials, conflicts and pains of our imperfect world are but a means by which to earn the very goal of their existence. For these, who seek to become "as little children"; for these, who have embraced the pain and sufferings of daily life, and taken up their cross in imitation of their crucified Savior, rather than the material "peace" which compromise would afford; for these who have relegated material pursuits and concerns to a place properly subordinate to the spiritual pursuits of their immortal souls; for these there is PEACE, the true peace of the Babe in the manger, and it reigns eternal in their hearts.

To learn more about Our Lady's Peace Plan from Heaven",
click on the "Fatima Cell" link below.

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