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This page is for

1.Currency converter.

2.physical unit converter.

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1.Currency converter

Use this converter to get the equivalent values of two different currencies.

Universal Currency Converter
Convert this amount
of this type of currency
into this type of currency.

enter any amount

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scroll down to see more currencies
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2. Physical units converter.


    Energy, Heat & Work..

Helped by the
Institute of Physics




Periodic Table

Java Structurer

SI Units

From: To:
How to use:
Enter the value to convert from in the 'From' box and select its units from the list. Then select the units to convert to from the second list and the conversion will be performed for you.
The conversion factor can be found simply by entering '1'.

Use only numeric values..!!
Note: Slight inaccuracies can occur due to the rounding of conversion factors.


Other conversation tables for the following units are just at a click away..!!

full list of Conversion tables..

1.Mass    2.Length        3.Volume/Capacity  4.Area   5.Mass Density  6.Linear 7.Density  8.Surface Density  9.Time          10.Force 11Power