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  • I'm crazy about traveling..!! I love to visit new places of this beautiful world..!! This lonely planet is really worth exploring..!! Though I haven't traveled to much more places of mother earth but I think if you are interested in traveling than we have much in common..!!

  • My all time favorite subject is astrophysics. If you are Interested in it. We can have a pretty good time together discussing while sitting on the "event horizon" of the cygnus-x-1 the black hole..!!  you can have access to a lot of information on this topics from the site of Dr. Stephen hawking 

  • Currently I'm seriously thinking about Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. This is really a mind catching subject..!! If you are interested in this then please please contact me..!! We can really learn a lot together..!!

  • Electronics and its applications are a huge things these days..!! All cell phones, digital diaries, PDAs make complete use of electronics. I love using these modern gizmos..!! R u interested in it..?? Tell me..!!

  • I love learning new and new languages..!! At present I can understand at least 6 languages which are shown in the following table...!!!!

No.          Language                         Description
1. Gujarati It's my mother tongue. It is spoken in the Gujarat state of India. It is spoken in different styles in the different regions of the Gujarat..
2. Hindi It's the national language of the India. It's widely spoken in the northern and the central parts of India.
3. English Do you need to be introduced to English..??
4. Spanish It's widely spoken in Spain, Latin America, South America and some other parts of the world. I am still learning it. I can converse in Spanish with a limited vocabulary only..!!
5. Sanskrit May be it is the richest language in the world. Be it the view from Literature, or Words Or Grammar or any point. How ever I can not speak Sanskrit but I can understand it a little. It's a sad thing to say that now a days as English is over shadowing all languages of the world, Sanskrit is vanishing very fast..!!
6. Marathi It's spoken in Maharashtra state of India. I can speak only little but I can understand it..!!