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I appologize... since I've started this site, not much has change. I'm not finding issues and excuses to curb the blame. It's only that I had so many assignments and projects to do as well as to cope with my studies. But hey! I am at this moment a SPM 2000 candidate and I believe our generation would be the best! Despair of leaving school and seperated from all friends we've been together for long has covered the students - this lead them to memorize the last few weeks by making autograph sketch, so that they still be in touch forever. I've tried to as well but maybe because I'm a guy... it doesn't work so good. Then I came with the idea of having a class homepage - at least this is a more promising way to be in touch forever. X-batch students of SPM 2000 will always cherish, will always unleash. FOR THE EXCELLENT OF FUTURE SOULS.

I'll tell you all why I want to do this... When I first met with this gorgeous Miss Internet, I felt like flying. She was so adorable that I chatted days and nights, visiting cafés which that time demand around five buck (RM in Malaysia of course) or so. But that didn't bring me to a halt, I later in love with 'spiders'... as they were the guys who built all the webs!

So you see my enthusiasm of the Net World brought me into building this particular site. Nonetheless, the previous site of mine stressed me up. Even though I have a great objective, I was too ecstatic about the finishing touch that I almost neglect something...(think yourself). Thus, I was forced to simplify her so that I will have no trouble, both, improve my qualities of studies and maintain a good approach for her. There's one more thing, I did this only to improve my English writing better so please never hesitate in your life to criticize my stuffs here - might be grammar mistakes, wrong sentence structures or misspellings. Hey, how the heck I'm going to notice? Help me guys.


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