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Current GIWF Champions

Current GIWF Champions


Jesse Rollen

International Champion: The Jack

United States Television Champion: Chris Morris

Tag Team Champion: Ladies Of Rage

Extreme Bantamweight: Tsuyoshi Matsunaka


GIWF News Briefs




  • Yahoo screwed up so I was unable to get on sorry about that.



  • Styles Clash and Lettermen Report SUNDAY


  • Records not posted because I don't have your previous ones



The News Desk!  Fresh Off The Sheets!

From the desk of  CEO Phil G:

April 16th 2006 - Thanks for sticking with me guys, its been a great time doing this and I love it.  The Styles Clash 2 and Letterman Report 1 will be posted Monday like requested.




News Columns Will Be Published And Placed Here.

If interested email

The Styles Clash Friday Show

The Letterman Report Saturday Night 



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LIVE CHAT: Every Sunday at 7:30pm EST.

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Owner/CEO: Phil M Gahry
AIM SN: apmgsoc027



Commissioner: Position Open
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Adam Essex: Logo Creator
The logos and title belts, almost everything that is a picture is the result of Adam Essex making it for us. Some of his work isn't up yet but he is currently working on some things for us.  Thank you Adam


ACW Commentators:
Mike Letterman (Face)
Greg The Viper Smith (Heel)
BJ Styles (Tweener)

Joey Speed
Ace World
Mikey Quicker

Head of Booking:
Phil M Gahry

Secruity Team:
Jeff Peng
Johnny Pilon
Mario Martinez
Bob Bockcheck
Joey Cates


Wrestler Of The Week

Jesse Rollen

After a almost hour of wrestling Luke Royce he was able to win over the crowd and Royce and take home the GIWF National Heavyweight Championship!



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