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Hi.  I'm a sophomore at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, double majoring in
Microbiology and Chemistry.  I plan to become a physician one day, and hope to attend
medical school when I graduate.  I enjoy working with kids, so I want to become some
type of pediatric specialist.  However, I'm only a sophomore, so my plans could change a
few times before I graduate.  My hobbies definately are watching football and basketball,
chillin', watching movies, and playing video games.  My favorite game out right now is NBA Streetz.
It definately has the best soundtrack for a video game that I have ever played.  I feel that hobbies are a
great way to keep my mind off of the pressure associated with school, which I think can be very stressful
at some times.  When others stress out about tests and projects, I like to think about my favorite quotation:

"Everything's gonna be allright." - Bob Marley

Somehow, in the end, everything always seems to work out for the best.
I grew up in Lafayette, La. with two sisters, my mom, and my dad.  My parents and my little
sister still live in Lafayette.  However, my older sister now lives in New Orleans, attending
LSU Medical School.  I really enjoy travelling, and just this past summer I went to Italy
with my family.  Visiting other countries can be a very eye opening experience, but each
time I visit another country, I always leave with a greater appreciation for home.  So come
in and feel free to explore this site.

I'm a big UL Ragin Cajun fan, and I still
have faith that one day, we will be good at football or basketball.  GEAUX CAJUNS!

ULL Football

  Louisiana is cool but Cali is amazing.  I recommend anyone who has never been there to visit, its almost
a different world on that side of the country.  I hope to attend the University of Southern California
for medical school when I graduate in 2005.  Go Trojans.

Southern California

The Saints are my favorite football team.  They have disappointed me for all of my life, but that will
make it even sweeter when they do win something. 


I enjoy watching movies.  I just started buying movies, and I have a small DVD collection.
My favorite movies are suspense and action, but nothing beats a good comedy.
Click below to see my pics for top 5 all time movies, and a look at some upcoming films.


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