My name is Mohamad Darwish.

I graduated from the American University of Beirut in 2001 with a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, concentration Communications and Electronics.

In the same year, I went to Rollins College, Florida, where I spent two years to finish with a Master of Business Administration with Honors in 2003, concentration Finance and Accounting.

That's when I joined Cornell University, New York, and stayed for one year after which I received a Master of Engineering in Applied Operations Research.

I joined UBC Services Inc, a leading telecommunications company in Nigeria, in 2005, and I serve as its Deputy Managing Director.

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selected coursework

BE: Engineering Graphics, C++, Basic & Advance Electric Circuits, Analog & Digital Electronics, Electromagnetic Devices, Analog & Digital Communications, Telephony Systems, Signal Transmissions, and Control System Design

MBA: Economics, Financial & Managerial Accounting, Quantitative Business Analysis, Basic & Advanced Financial Management, International Business & Financial Management, Security & Portfolio Analysis, ERP - Accounting Systems, Negotiations, and Law for Managers.

M.Eng.: Linear Programming, Simulation Modeling, Inventory Management, Production Management, Macroeconomics and International Trade, and Econometrics.

In the office

My role in Techie Hour:

1- Help develop strategy for the program

2- Co-lead event for management of activities

3-Promote the marketing for Mid-Atlantic offices

Middle East - a true place of cultural diversity

UK - sophisticated, I love it!

Germany - learn the local language before visiting a country

Nigeria - for those who like adventures

USA - Wonderland

Top of Empire State