Today was a really good day. I thought I only had $20. Cheesecake+3 & I didn't argue on the way to school.
  I went to the library and finally checked my email. Bouncy Eyes & I talked for awhile & Cheesecake took out "The Death of Superman" for reading.
I sat outside the Ubruzzo. It was so hot & sunny today. I talked to two of th emothers from school.
I went back home to gat my library books together. I went looking for Cheesecake+3 at recess + talked to Ms. Wong for awhile about Cheesecake's journal...
... &had a smoke with Bouncy Eyes after he handed me some Double Chocolate Chip cookies. We talked about England and stuff + this bike I just started riding.
Then I went riding & found an old ringerwasher (and bumped into Anna) and had another coffee (my 3rd)
When I got back home the mail had come. On G.S.T. return day it didn't come till like 5:30 & I was hungry. Today  I got my e.i. cheque early + I thought it was going to be 188 & it was.

but there was two cheques.

I went through Chinatown to portrait drawing on Hastings & Main with what was left of $20 & a $188 cheque.

Then I went home to smoke a joint,  pay my rent and supplement my appetitte with an Interational Hazelnut Delight. I dragged my bike up the stairs & smoked a joint while I guzzled the stuff down.
Then I started to feel really, really sick.
While riding my bike I discovered my contacts were in the wrong eyes. I apologized to several pedestrians & bared the sneers of others...
& when I picked up Cheesecake+3 he decided he wanted to go bike riding.


MickeytheSwan "Picks Bottles & Acts Rich"MickeytheSwan "Rides a Bike"MickeytheSwan "talks to Robert"MickeytheSwan "Gets a Cheque"MickeytheSwan "Wears a Coat"MickeytheSwan "Visits with his In-Laws"MickeytheSwan "Burns his 4skin"

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MickeytheSwan prints intaglio, photoetches, collographs, linocuts & silkscreens, MickeytheSwan draws & paints according to the long tradtion of figure study with an awareness of the contemporary body politic, MickeytheSwan draws portraits of volunteers at the Carnegie Hall on Main & Hastings, MickeytheSwan once watched t.v. with a nib pen, MickeytheSwan draws on buses & bus stops, MickeytheSwan draws over top of John Keats' Collected Works, MickeytheSwan, like everybody else, used to write concise poetry