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Each and every one of us consists of three simultaneously existing, and yet separate realms of vibrational energy. Only one of these, the physical realm, is tangible, physical and capable of being perceived by the human brain and physical senses.

Two of these realms are Esoteric, or generally unknown until one is awakened to their existence from within oneself. This happens automatically as one evolves... well, usually it is automatic. (1). These two super subtle realms are the MIND realm, and the Spiritual realm. The vibrational energies of these two realms are such that the physical brain cannot perceive them.... and if one is to proceed with this explanation, one must accept this concept as a fact.

(1). A noteable exception to this is when ones MIND refuses to let go of a DbAasMT [Dissociated bit of Apapsyche as Misperceived Trauma]. This causes a "conflict" in ones MIND, and this requires a specially trained person to "teach" one how to encourage ones MIND to release this DbAasMT. For more on the subject of the DbAasMT, and Esotransmutation, click on this .

Little known, but nonetheless residing within each person is a MIND realm... and this phrase refers to the entire subtle energy of this subtle body, and the individual MIND - the abstract name given to the operational processes of this body of energy - operates both the physical brain and administers the Fate Karma of the individual as he/she relates to and experiences life.