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1.MIND. I use capital letters for MIND to differentiate it from mind, which, because it is used interchangeably with brain, has ceased to have any real meaning. Today, after a century of [BS](see below), the typical mental health professional has no idea what MIND and Apapsyche are, how they work, or what their purpose is in serving the human being. In other words, the fields "responsible" for studying the Esoteric in Man DOES NOT DO SO, but instead "thinks" that the unknown in Man is best left unknown. Esochology disagrees.

2. [BS]. This stands for Behavioral Scientist, Behavioral psychology (which is an oxymorom), and any program based on the tenets of Behaviorism. The definition of Behaviorism suggests that "mind and consciousness cannot be meaningfully defined or studied"(Webster's Ninth Collegiate Dictionary, 1997 edition). This is, of course, wrong... but, many in the mental health field believe this even today.

3. [Apapsyche]. My symbol for the Operational Energy of your Soul , or what I refer to as the Neutral Spiritual energy, or [NSgy] realm. Apapsyche combines "apas" from sanskrit, and "psyche" from Greek, meaning self, soul, and mind [all Esoteric aspects of the human being]. It has two operational aspects: [the Attn Aspect] and [the Awar Aspect]. The Attn Aspect is the focusing faculty of Apapsyche, and the Awar Aspect is the experiencing aspect. Awar Aspect always follows Attn Aspect, and where Attn Aspect is focused, that's what your Awar Aspect is experiencing. For example, when your Attn Aspectr is focused in the Left-cerebral Hemisphere [L-H], of your brain, your Awar Aspect will be aware of "thinking" and what your physical senses can perceive.

The Attn Aspect
has the faculty to adopt the vibrational energy of the realm into which it is focused, and Awar Aspect follows Attn Aspect and provides experience of that upon which the Attn Aspect is focused.

4. [NS-I], = Negative Self-Image, or what Freud may have labeled the "Id", and misperceived as a permanent part of Man. It isn't permanent, but it does comprise your [NS-I] or Negative Self-Image [what your MIND misperceives you to be. The [NS-I] is composed of numerous negative misperceptions, or DbAasMT [Dissociated bits of Apapsyche as Misperceived Trauma], taken-on at or near birth.

5.[Accpt] is my symbol for a most unique faculty of the human being by which one's Apapsyche [which is [NSgy], and while one's Awar Aspect is focused in one's Apapsyche] the experiencing of [NSgy] can be conveyed to the Apapsyche of another as Accpt... a subtle order to the other's MIND to release whatever DbAasMT it is refusing to release to that person's Esotransmutation process. Contained within Accpt are the virtures of forgiveness and surrender, as well as Grief, which might be referred to as a mystical eraser of Karma. Accpt is naturally acquired as a consequence of one's experiencing the Esotransmutaion process relative to a repressed DbAasMT which, via Esotransmutation, is converted from a MIND-level trauma into Knowledge of the Yin-Yang experiencing of that trauma, plus a subtle empathic Awar as well, and this is all placed in the Apapsyche per se as Knowledge.

6.UNK is my symbol for a number of phenomena within the human being. 1. The various DbAasMT stored within the [NS-I] of one's MIND; 2. The MIND realm, and its operational manifestations; 3. The Spiritual realm which includes one's Apapsyche, and its operations. All these phenomena are studied by Esochology.

7. [D-M] is my symbol for the Defense Mechanism of the MIND. One aspect of the [D-M] is a phenomenon called Scotoma, known in mental health as "blind spot". Another aspect of the D-M is the feeding of Delusional Thinking, or D-Think, to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain for the purpose of fixing the Attn Aspect in the L-H [so that the Awar Aspect cannot become Awar of what is going on within the MIND realm], or to direct the "thinking" of the brain, or both.

8. Clinical Denial is a specialized denial process wherein ones MIND blocks awareness of the fact that one is in denial, by feeding D-Think to ones brain that serves as a delusional conviction that it is the one accusing one of being in denial, or of being ill, or confused, etc., that is in denial. The person in Clinical_Denial is quite convinced that he/she is OK, and it is others, including the world, that is wrong, and whatever rationalizations that are needed in support of this delusional process are provided by the person's MIND. A present day example of Clinical_Denial is the homosexual. The primary symptom of the illness of homosexuality is Clinical_Denial. The delusional belief system created in support of the illness is unfortunately at a rather deep level of the MIND, and thus, too Esoteric in operation for the behaviorally trained therapist to discover in dialogue therapy. The level of repressed fear associated with the core misperception within the homosexual's MIND is quite intense, and this tends, via empathic DEc, or Direct Esoteric communication, to initiate Clinical_Denial within the MIND of the therapist who is not sufficiently prepared. Those therapists who have not undergone extensive work within their own MIND realms are particularly vulnerable. Of course a counselor or therapist who is him/herself homosexual would already be in Clilnical_Denial. The MIND of the untrained therapist will initiate Clinical_Denial and automtically shares in the delusional rationalizations of the homosexual. The almost infectious nature of Clinical_Denial is of particular fascination. Naturally caution is suggested for all therapists. It is believed, as part of the current understanding of Clinical_Denial, that there may be a sexual phobia element that serves as the triggering mechanism behind the DCc empathic transference process. But this is not as yet clinically demonstrated as a certainty. In closing, we might say that Clinical Denial is an inability to perceive what would appear as obvious to a person not in denial. The immunity factor seems to be whether or not one has therapeutically cathected those DbAasMT that are succeptible to Clinical_Denial.


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