The Other Old Way
The Choir, Lowell Mason, 1832-33
The Massachusetts Collection of Psalmody, George James Webb, 1840
Carmina Sacra, or, Boston Collection of Church Music, Lowell Mason, 1844
Cantus Ecclesiae, or, the Sacred Chorister, W. H. W. Darley & J. C. B. Standbridge, 1844
The New York Choralist, Thomas Hastings and William B. Bradbury, 1847
The Harmonia Sacra, Edward L.White and John E. Gould, 1851
The Shawm: a library of church music, William B. Bradbury and George F. Root, 1853
The Handel Collection of Church Music, Artemas N. Johnson, 1854
The Key-Stone Collection of Church Music, Artemas N. Johnson, 1856
Bradbury's Anthem Collection, William B. Bradbury, 1860
The Harp of Judah, Luther Orlando Emerson, 1863
The Jubilate, Luther Orlando Emerson, 1866
Hosanna: sef casgliad o donau ac emynau at wasanaeth y cysegr, [Welsh] Edward J. Lewis, Utica, New York, 1864
Christian Melodies, George B. Cheever and Joseph E. Sweetser, 1851
OOW Introduction
The Good Old Way
The Modern Harp, or, Boston Sacred Melodist, Edward L. White and John E. Gould, 1846
The Bridgewater Collection, 20th edition, 1830
The Methodist Harmonist, 1822