The "Gang " at Morning Star,
after a lusty, fierce football session on 12th November 2005!

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On my visit to Morning Star after two weeks, (I really missed the children!), I spent time around their fields and saw the changes, the ragi was off, the groundnuts were out, the sunflowers were spotted peeping through the green and purple maize (Purple Haze!) Click for larger images.

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Like a Sunflower which follows every movement of the Sun
So I turn towards You, to follow You, My God!
In Simplicity, Charity I follow (2), In Simplicity, Honesty I follow(2), In Simplicity, Fidelity I follow (2)

The other adjacent field was cleared and the children were using it for a football ground. This day one of their 'software' friends was the trainer, referee, player all mixed in one, and I can imagine how he was tossed about. There was a very colorful goalie . In-between, the game was broken up by the arrival of 'Rex' who wanted to join in the game and take control of the ball. He was carted off much to his dislike and disappointment.

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Rex invades the field

After the game, and before the kids went for lunch, I managed to get their attention, all wet, sweaty and still full of action, to take their photographs. Some of them had not been photographed before and it was a drama. A few of them were not in the picture, two of the challenged kids were sleeping, and some were in hospital as one of them was sick. I will get them into the gallery on my next visit. Place your mouse 'cursor' over the photos for their names, it seems to work with IE.

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Chow Call! Some of the Kids waiting to say 'Grace - Prayer' before their meals, and later with me to say goodbye till my next visit. In the meanwhile, John will look after them!

Some more building material was donated, cement blocks and kadappa (black stone) and granite stones for the Challenged Children's block.
The turkeys are getting fattened, while the kittens are taking advantage of the warm sun and absence of Rex! Visiting Software Engineers from MindTree and Infosys chatting with John.

A visit on Easter Sunday, 16th April 2006. Some of the children were watching the Benny Hinn , Bangalore 2005  ' Festival of Blessing ' DVD, later they watched some cartoons. The challenged children were having their meals in their Park, a few were playing football with the Software friends who came to visit as usual. Kannan was very much engrossed with his meal! The flowers that dropped from the trees looked so pretty contrasting the garden.