A new 'Companion' for the Morning Star Children!
On 3rd Octber 2005, my daughter Joanne organized with her College Management for them to donate a beautiful black and tan male German Shepherd puppy for the children of Morning Star. This was a great surprise for the children and the dog was named 'REX' , and he immediately adapted himself to the orphanage surroundings and the 55 curious faces peering at him!. The attention that he got was tremendous, and given a free run of the main building and the compound, Rex had grown tall and learing to play with the children and the fowls, turkeys, and even the cat who holds her own.

Here are a few photos taken on 30 October 2005 at Morning Star with a digital camera borrowed from my cousin Reubin. The group of children are posed along with their friends from some of the Software companies in Bangalore, who come every Sunday to teach and play with the children. Rex recognized me (even with my dishevelled appearence, having ridden down through the rain donated pot-holes and uncertain roads)  and greeted me when he saw me the first time after being handed over to John and Joy of Morning Star.
Anil is given charge of looking after Rex, he can be seen in a blue T-shirt with Rex.
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This is how Rex looks on 5th Feb 2006