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Why put air shocks on a Spitfire? It's one way to adjust the ride height in order to correct the old sagging rear end problem. The cars, not yours! 8^) Here's some excerpts from several emails supplied by Toni Thorn about their selection and some installation.

Gabriel Hi-Jackers at Autozone

For Item: 250407 49304 One Pair Air Shocks 1977 CORVETTE PRICE: 59.99

They can also be found in the JC Whitney catalog. Just specify a "77 Vette when ordering.

Some have said that Monroe doesn't make them anymore. However, here are the numbers.

Monroe Shock numbers


Check their website at

Since originally posting this info, I've copied this info from Charlie Brown on the list on 6/23/99. Charlie writes:

I decided to call Monroe (Tenneco Automotive) directly. The number is 800-879-0540. I spoke with Brad in Customer Service and he assured me the MA-785 part number is still alive and well.

So I guess there's another number to check out.

Mike Papirtis wrote about the same time that Charlie did:

Got my air shocks for my 80 spit from JC Whitney. Ordered set for 1963 Corvette. Have been working fine for past 2 years. Less than $100 as I recall.

You can use the rubber bushings from the top of your Spit shock. They fit perfectly into the tops of the Corvette shocks. The bottom bushings that come with the Corvette shocks work fine.

Also received this post from Paul Carreiro on 8/1/99. Paul adds:

Someone asked awhile ago for a source for brass Schrader valves for the Spit air shock installation. I just completed installation of a set of Monroe MA-785 air shocks on my 1974 Spit 1500. I found that the Gabriel Hose Kit P/N 140656 contains two single brass Schrader valves, plus two plastic T-valves with hosing. Cost is $9.99 at Pep Boys. The brass valves are much more sturdy than the plastic T-valves supplied. This hose kit is compatible with the Monroe shocks (although I used the supplied Monroe hose caps for the shocks themselves).

VTR How To Article on Air Shocks for a Spitfire

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