Bench Bleeding Your Master Cylinder

by Paul Mostrom

I've done this more times than I can count....

1. Go to your local discount Auto Parts store and buy a master cylinder bleed adapter kit ($3-$4 U.S.).

2. Mount the master cylinder in a vise.

3. Find the proper adapter(s) from the above mentioned kit and screw them into the brake line hole(s) and run the included rubber hose(s) from the adapter(s) back into the master cylinder resevoir.

4. Use a large srew driver to push the piston until no bubbles come out of the hoses.

5. Take the master cylinder out of the vise and mount in the car, carful not to spill brake fluid on any painted surfaces.

6. Remove the adapter(s), attach and tighten the brake line(s).

7. While someone is pushing lightly on the brake pedal, crack open the brake line(s) at the master cylinder to release any air, using a rag to catch any brake fluid. Repeat until no air comes out.

Paul Mostrom

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