Adjusting the Spitfire Bonnet

by various Spitters

Brian Doll wrote:

I have a question regarding adjusting the bonnet... the right side doesn't latch, all parts are there but it doesn't line up. The left side latches but if you drive it around it eventually comes unlatched. The frame is not bent. I don't know if there is any adjustment at the hinge point. What is the easiest way to adjust this.

Jon Suchak responded:

There are two places to adjust the "height" of the bonnet. In the front you remove the overriders (leave the bumper in place) and loosen the bolt in the front of the hinge frame. It sits in a slotted channel and offers several inches of latitude.

In the rear you use the rubber cones, just back off the jam-nut and have at it.

Pretty simple really.. maybe a 15 minute job.

and David responded:

Don't forget that you can also adjust the hooks on the sides of the firewall that the bonnet latches latch on to, By lowering them you can make the catches lock very snugly, but lowering them too much will make the latch miss and not lock at all.

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