Preventing Outward Dings on Your Bonnett

by Joe Curry

Since clearance is a constant concern under the Spitfire/GT6 bonnet, adding anything new can present a problem. This problem often shows up as dents that are pushed outward from inside the engine compartment. To prevent this from happening, several things can be done during the process of installing anything new, or doing routine maintenance under the bonnet.

1. Any hose clamps should have the tightening mechanisms positioned so that they 
   are either under or to the side of the hose so as not to stick up.

2. Before installing anything that might protrude upward and interfere with bonnet closure, position a sheet of foam rubber where the new piece is to be installed and close the bonnet. Any clearance problems will show up as dents in the foam and will have to be addressed before continuing.

3. Bear in mind that the engine will flex on the engine mounts and sufficient clearance must be provided so that both extremes are covered.

4. Always be mindful about leaving tools on the engine before closing the bonnet.

5. It is a good idea to provide for a means of securing the prop rod to prevent accidental closure. Nylon tie wraps are good for this purpose.

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