A Simple Brake Adjuster Tool

Jeff McNeal asked: Can anyone recommend a good tool to loosen the adjuster.

A666K@aol.com answered:

I came up with an easy sulotion for your problem, when I thought of it. I did not know a special tool was available for rear drum adjustment, so thats how it came about. What you need is:

1. An allen wrench of any size (the bigger the better,this is you levrage)

2. 1/4 inch drive socket that corresponds to the size of the allen wrench.

What you do is:

1. Connect the short end of the allen wrench to the business end of your socket. (they should fit, they're the same size right?)
2. Hold your new combo-tool by the long end of the allen wrench.
3. The part of the socket that usually goes to your ratchet is what you use to adjust the brake.

Sam Gentry added:

When I am that far into Spit or GT6 brakes, I completely disassemble the adjuster and clean it. Two bolts hold it to the backing plate and then you can soak it and take it apart. When it goes back it will be like new. I have done this on all my Spits and GT6's.

And Don Wankel (dwankel@carolina.rr.com) also added:

For years, I've used a refrigeration valve wrench with a 1/4" extension stuck into it to adjust my brakes on my Spitfires. The one I have is the ratcheting style, but I think they have other types.


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