Brake Light Troubleshooting

by D.J. Barner

No brake light?

Obviously check the bulbs and main firewall fuse first, but then, go for the knife plunger switch located above the the brake peddles steel arm leading to it's under dash mounting point.

Simple but if you've chased wires for a day or two you'll appreciate this. Once you've found the switch it's easy to undo, so you won't stand on your head any longer than necessary; I'm 6ft. and it hurts under there.

Then short the switch out with a screwdriver (i.e.) jumper it. If the brake lights come on you win; if not you now can mutter bad things. The switch is backyard repairable but, in my case; ultimately more frustration prone than a replacement. I suggest you save your aching back and neck and acquire a replacement, they're cheap.

Be sure to set the brake peddle "throw" depth to your new or reworked switch. You'll see when you remove the switch it has a "adjusting" allscrew type depth function. Using the set nut's on the all spline shaft, adjust the switch to activate the switch's plunger at pedal push - and be sure the switch is "not" set to allow the lights to stay ON at all times. Bad for the battery. Been there, not fun.

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