Eliminating That Irritating Popping Sound You Spitfire Door Makes

Reid Simmons asked:

I have a problem. When you open the doors there is that loud and slightly annoying "pop" and the door will then stay open. However, the driver's side door on my Spitfire no longer does that, and it has become really annoying (more so than that loud pop) having the door close on you before you're ready for it. Is there a way to fix this, and if so how?

And Vic Michael responded:

The loud popping is a common noise the door stays make when a metal pin is passed between two metal plates. If you have a Victoria British catalog, the parts are on page 54 (right) and are numbered 16 and 17 including the rubber seal. The catalog shows a pin with a cotter clip to fasten.

Mine actually just needed to be reattached to the door. It became detached and was hidden inside the A post cavity.

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