Engine Removal Without a Hoist

submitted by David Gates

Remove the head leaving the studs in place.

Remove all other misc. items such as wires, coolant hoses, etc so the engine is ready to be lifted out.

Remove the bonnet.

Take a 2X4 about 8 feet long and drill two holes near the center so that the two head studs between cylinders 3 and 4 will mate up with the holes.Make sure the holes are drilled the long way through the 2X4 (i.e. holes should be 4 inches deep not 2 inches).

Using a large flat washer tighten the two head nuts down nice and snug.

At this point you should have nice handle sticking out a foot or so on either side of the car. With a person on either side of the car and lifting up on the 2X4, the engine and tranny can be lifted up and out of the car.

The studs between cylinders 3 and 4 make a perfect balance point with tranny attached. If only the engine is being removed, you would want to move forward a stud or two. It helps to have a third person who can ensure the tranny clears the mounts between the seats, but it can be easily done with only two people.

My only reservation about this procedure is all the weight on only two studs. Since my engine block was being replaced I was not too concerned about the old engine, but no noticeable damage resulted. To spread the load out a little, a second 2X4 could be used. Then each person would have two handles to lift with. I will probably use this method when putting the new engine back in, two handles that is, just to be sure.


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