Choosing An Exhaust System for Your Spitfire

Which One Is Right For You?

I've got a Monza exhaust on my 1500. Don't know if there are different models by Monza, but this one splits from the header and has dual chrome tips on each exhaust. It is very good, very loud, and so close to the black plastic bumper that it is distorting the bumper above each exhaust tip!

David Stewart

I have Monzas with the chrome bumper. I love the noise and have trained my friends in the cleaning of the bumper...

Laura Gharazeddine

Well... I'v got an old ANZA (4 tips) and I can't recomend it. It rattles, it's loud ( which is a drag if your into long distance ) and worst of all, you play the Devil tryin to keep the rear panel clean. Best system I'v owned I had made up at the local muffler shop... quick disconect header flange , 2 1/2" stainless back to one bend, to a Corvair Turbo muffler (stock unit) and out the right rear. Purest will probably shreek at the idea, but it was quiet enough, with just the right rumble, and very little back pressure

Mortermer Spenser

I'm using a aftermarket hi-flow catalyst matched to a Monza 4 outlet exhaust system from TRF. Too much money for what Monza is made of, but the tips are pretty and the sound was better than the stock exh. Still it does resonate with the top on. I had to have a muffler shop fabricate the cat to exhaust pipe and they quoted $200 for the next system as described below. My next step is a mandrel bent 2.5" dia. pipe with a Supertrapp of the appropriate size to finish off the system. Supertrapps are fully adjustable via restrictor plates at the exhuast outlet for sound vs. power. Stainless Steel and shiny too!

Mike V Bristow

I have a 72 mk4 and I just recently installed a mk3 muffler onto a mk4 front pipe. I needed to adapt the muffler to the pipe a little bit to pick up the stock mounting point. But it's on and it sounds great! Very burbly, and snorty when you step on it.

Nikolai Jaremka

I'm running a Rimmer Bros Twin Stainless Sport Exhaust with a 4-2-1 header on my '74. I had a Monza on before but it burned out after about 7 years. The Rimmer is great and sounds Awesome.

N. A. Campiglia III

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