Adjusting the Handbrake on a 1500

by Eric Kieboom

Thomas Dertz wrote:

I recently purchased a '66 Spit Mk 2 and I need to tighten the handbrake, and removed the necessary panels, etc. to get to where the wire reaches the handbrake lever. However, the nut on the "inside" of the lever is square, and too big to move freely. How do I tighten it?

And Eric responded:

I can only speak for my own Spit 1500, on which the rear part of the threaded bit going into the square nut has a hexagon shape, about 40 mm's long. Undo the counternut behind the fork/clevis and use a small adjustable spanner on the hex bit to tighten the cable. This may not work, as the cable needs to turn freely, which it may not do due to rust further down.

On to plan B....

There is another (IMHO better) way to adjust the handbrake: at the rear wheels. The handbrake system on Spitfires consists of two cables. The first cable pulls on the second cable, which runs between the two brake drums. On both sides of this second cable is a fork/clevis, which can be easily adjusted.

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