Head Light Rocker Switches

Identifying and Replacing Them

From: Ryan Smith shmitty99@hotmail.com

Could someone explain the difference between the toggle switches for the headlights on different Spits. The switch on my 72 MkIV decided to come apart in my hand while dismantling the dash. Looking through the various parts catalogues, no one lists a headlight switch for a 72. In the Spits I've seen the switch looks similar but I guess there is something different about it. I guess the question is, can I use a 1500's toggle? I'm assuming my toggle is original, there is a bit of electrical tape on the connector going into the toggle itself.

From: Andrew Mace amace@unix2.nysed.gov

Ryan, it's pretty simple. There were two versions of the toggle (well, rocker) switch. First was the OE switch made by Clear Hooters. Basically a piece of cr*p, so much so that it was the subject of a recall by the NTSFA or whatever Federal agency starts those actions going. The replacement version was made by Lucas, and it was a much better switch (didn't collapse in pieces -- like yours did -- or short out. It did, however, require some minor modifications for installation in the dash -- usually a tiny bit of filing and/or a different bracket on the backside of the dash to hold the new switch. Not a big deal.

So when someone offers you a rare NOS Clear Hooters headlamp switch for your Spitfire, GT6 or TR6, just smile politely, thank them and walk away. The Lucas one is pretty good, though.


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